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Reviews left by shagrugge

Tue, Mar 30 12:33 PM shagrugge review of In Summers Arms (Summers Love) by KOÄN
great remix, accentuates the vocals nicely
Sun, Mar 28 8:58 AM shagrugge review of You by Alex
awesome mix Alex, thanks for posting the instrumental as well! The instant I hea...
Sun, Mar 28 8:56 AM shagrugge review of Too Late by MC_Walker
Sun, Mar 28 8:47 AM shagrugge review of Valiha Trance by 7thHeaven
very chill mix
Sun, Mar 21 5:47 AM shagrugge review of Social Invitations by Anchor
the title fits perfectly my friend... social invitations indeed.
Sat, Mar 13 11:00 AM shagrugge review of Podcast Profiles - Interview w/J. Lang by MC Jack in the Box
Hey MCJack big props to you and JLang for doing this... I felt like I was listen...
Sat, Feb 20 9:46 AM shagrugge review of Square Bidness Pella by highknowledge
diggin this highknowledge biness
Thu, Feb 11 8:27 AM shagrugge review of mayday by airtone
FTW! one of my all time favorite Calendar Girl songs... with one of my favorite...
Thu, Feb 11 8:22 AM shagrugge review of BACK TO A NEW CORNER by BOCrew
Wed, Feb 10 8:05 AM shagrugge review of Kilts on the Ground by Lunacy
Fri, Nov 27 9:16 AM shagrugge review of Tell Me Why by Suzi Q. Smith
a gorgeous voice
Fri, Nov 27 9:15 AM shagrugge review of Shine (hook) by Suzi Q. Smith
this is amazing Suzi please tell me there is more than 18 seconds... this is add...
Sun, Nov 22 8:58 AM shagrugge review of Get By Verse Mskidd by Mskidd
nice rhythmic vocal wish there wuz some more
Fri, Nov 20 2:03 PM shagrugge review of Lángoló Karaván by Grizzly616
That's what she said!!!!
Thu, Nov 19 1:46 PM shagrugge review of Put You Hands Up- Rude Boy Remix by J.Lang
beats always come real fresh from Lang's Orchard