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Reviews left by septahelix

Tue, Aug 16 12:55 AM septahelix review of Melodies in my Head by Jeris
don't know how you mixed this all together jeris, but you did.
Mon, Aug 15 11:26 PM septahelix review of Gates at Sunset by texasradiofish
stop chasing shadows, just enjoy the ride - brilliant line. i did enjoy it. th...
Mon, Aug 15 10:20 PM septahelix review of CENTIGRAD by BOCrew
love me some BOCrew!
Mon, Aug 15 10:18 PM septahelix review of Don't Touch This (I Do What I Want!) by Calling Sister Midnight
this makes me feel good.
Mon, Aug 15 12:56 PM septahelix review of Tears On The Ivory by Supercollide
this is great. you've got the bpm up too. another thing I've noticed about you...
Mon, Aug 15 12:22 PM septahelix review of Cry Over You (black moon mix) by Psychadelik Pedestrian
really nice cut up blend of textures and genres.
Mon, Aug 15 11:17 AM septahelix review of Uke Party Improv by debbizo
nice short little interlude. been listening to Speck lately?
Sun, Aug 14 12:24 PM septahelix review of BuiLd by Dysfunction_AL
nice take on the song.
Sun, Aug 14 6:12 AM septahelix review of ¿Cuantas patas tiene el gato? by rocavaco
nice work on that piano track. like the build up too. the piano and vocals s...
Fri, Aug 12 4:19 PM septahelix review of We Build (Reconstruct be emotional) by CSoul
wow CSoul. really like the guitar track. very interesting mash up of sounds an...
Fri, Aug 12 3:24 PM septahelix review of It's Love by Jeris
it's lovely Jeris.
Fri, Aug 12 3:22 PM septahelix review of A short Yes will suffice where a long one cannot be had by annabloom
this is just wonderful annabloom!
Thu, Aug 11 3:39 AM septahelix review of I'll Find Another Way by copperhead
highly original and energetic mix copperhead.
Thu, Aug 11 3:36 AM septahelix review of Transformative State by Speck
this is great Speck. really like how you altered the drums to go with the bass ...
Wed, Aug 10 10:18 AM septahelix review of Sara Reading Raymond by AIR_LOMEG
spacey and atmospheric AIR.