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Reviews left by salvatoreJ

Sun, Jun 27 1:45 AM salvatoreJ review of Hands In The Pocket by milkdaddy
Great Voice.
Tue, Jun 22 8:34 PM salvatoreJ review of Jamming Out With My Internet Homies by septahelix
Thanks for using, always manage to impress and inspire.
Sun, May 2 5:04 AM salvatoreJ review of jlbrock44-_-One_Love_Everlasting by MalreDeszik
Hey There, any chance I can get that snare? That's banging!!
Sun, May 2 5:00 AM salvatoreJ review of Boring Walking Blues by Admiral Bob
Wow!! Playing, as good... reminded when working show's with BB.
Sun, May 2 4:49 AM salvatoreJ review of Like and Subscribe by Apoxode
You have a bad and ungrounded 1/4 cable @ 3:30.... lol... Very Nice my frien...
Sun, May 2 4:39 AM salvatoreJ review of Lift Every Voice by Speck
Detuned and opposing complied to work without a single clash. or, said anothe...
Fri, Apr 30 2:21 AM salvatoreJ review of Growing Older (Piano-Vocal 128 kbs) by wilburson
Dear GOD What a voice. Should be touring the world!! Here is good enough for...
Fri, Apr 30 2:04 AM salvatoreJ review of Hyperspace Snowflake by septahelix
It fascinates me how so much is complied into fascinating!
Wed, Apr 28 2:30 PM salvatoreJ review of Tip tip toe by reiswerk
Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Toe ,,,,, 5-Stars. funny knowing Kara.
Wed, Apr 28 2:18 PM salvatoreJ review of Standing Names by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Nice Nice Nice Martijn, very unique mixdown tonal response, very pleasing.. ...
Wed, Apr 28 2:04 PM salvatoreJ review of bluesy backbeats by Rhonin
Nice,,, ..COOL-KAT
Wed, Apr 28 2:01 PM salvatoreJ review of Somewhere Something by Zep Hurme
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