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Reviews left by rocavaco

Mon, Mar 17 3:53 AM rocavaco review of Today Is A Good Day by Zep Hurme
Really cool what you did with this a capella! Fantastic work!
Sat, Mar 15 3:36 AM rocavaco review of Favor Tweet by Dysfunction_AL
Cool driving rhythm! Very nice. Would fit to a thriller somewhere at the Cote d'...
Sun, Mar 9 10:31 AM rocavaco review of Blue Island Love by Astral
Complete new direction for this acapella. Like it! Nice to see that you could us...
Thu, Mar 6 8:20 AM rocavaco review of Uh-oh... by Doxent Zsigmond
Great piano in a mix as light as a feather. Like it.
Thu, Feb 20 2:39 AM rocavaco review of Getting Closer NOW by CSoul
Extra cool trance base rhythm - like it!
Thu, Feb 13 9:57 AM rocavaco review of After the Solstice by texasradiofish
[2] Took a glass of whisky (only scotch available) and listened in a loop ... ni...
Wed, Feb 5 3:39 PM rocavaco review of Let Your Love Shine by Zep Hurme
I knew I would click the recommend button when I saw a new snowflake remix from ...
Sun, Jan 19 3:57 AM rocavaco review of Korobeiniki Ditto by coruscate
Good to know that you were waiting for my samples ;) Nice remix! Thanks for us...
Sun, Dec 8 2:59 PM rocavaco review of Black Is The Night by charlie_charles
cool, cool, cool - I mean hot, hot, hot !
Sun, Nov 17 3:05 PM rocavaco review of Personal Reality Pushin' Daisies by Doxent Zsigmond
Hope you feel well soon!
Tue, Oct 29 2:16 AM rocavaco review of *Now* by ScOmBer
I could never fall asleep while listening to such a beauty!
Sat, Oct 12 10:11 AM rocavaco review of The Incident (October Version) by Anchor
6 minutes of magical beauty. I like this new version!
Wed, Oct 2 10:52 AM rocavaco review of Heart On The Floor Remix by Lasswell
Where are the good old times, when you had that blue water avatar and uploaded a...
Fri, Sep 27 1:02 PM rocavaco review of I Am Streched On Your Grave by Linden Tree
One of my first remixes - some time ago. And I still like the voice very much. A...
Fri, Sep 20 4:15 AM rocavaco review of When I Dream of You by ScOmBer
Didn't know the genre chillax - but I definitely LIKE IT ! no, I LOVE IT !