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Reviews left by rocavaco

Sun, Dec 21 1:38 AM rocavaco review of Hear the Bells > Catch that Chill by Scomber
Mhh, ear candy
Mon, Dec 15 2:21 AM rocavaco review of Pushin' Daisies by Cadu Oliveira
I also love this song. And your version wonderful too!
Sat, Dec 13 8:19 AM rocavaco review of Out of the blue by Allthisisthat
Very interesting chord choice!
Thu, Dec 11 2:02 AM rocavaco review of We are one. by reiswerk
Du hast das echt drauf, das Tango Ding :)
Mon, Dec 8 12:03 AM rocavaco review of Audio Thanks - ccMixter Fundraiser by Kara Square
Music Connects Us!
Wed, Dec 3 2:13 AM rocavaco review of The Floating World by Geert Veneklaas
Mmmmh, ear candy!
Tue, Dec 2 1:55 AM rocavaco review of rio 2.0 by latopa
I love your percussion! I think you were more on the Cuban side until now but th...
Sun, Nov 30 2:49 PM rocavaco review of Under the Christmas Tree (with Ciggiburns) by keytronic
As already mentioned from other listeners here - it also reminded me immediately...
Sun, Nov 30 2:42 PM rocavaco review of Der Traum Unterm Baum (feat. Maike und Frida) by keytronic
Ich mag ja eigentlich so Weihnachtslieder nicht soo - aber dieses hier ist doch ...
Sat, Nov 29 1:28 AM rocavaco review of silence in the air by Stefan Kartenberg
You're incredible! Four complete radio ready songs on one day!
Fri, Nov 28 5:41 AM rocavaco review of two turntables [JD mix] by naotko
Very cool E-piano loop!
Fri, Nov 21 11:16 AM rocavaco review of Confidence (Instrumental) by Aussens@iter
wow, beautiful!
Sun, Nov 16 5:03 PM rocavaco review of The Inner Eye (compromised mix) by kthugha
Sorry for being late, had some connection problems today :( Must have been hard...
Mon, Nov 10 1:59 PM rocavaco review of Me robo el Show ft Farina by reiswerk
Sat, Nov 1 4:15 AM rocavaco review of Soft Padded Piano Song 120bpm by Doxent Zsigmond
Very very very nice - and thanks for the midi upload!