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Reviews left by remaxim

Wed, Aug 26 2:47 AM remaxim review of Walk On Essen11 by mykleanthony
wow... the voice ... speechless remixers must be hungry for this pella
Wed, Aug 26 2:39 AM remaxim review of Born Today by Vidian
Thanks for the remix You took the whole song to a more experimental, more pl...
Tue, Aug 25 5:50 AM remaxim review of Slanted Voices by morgantj
excellent ... very cinematic
Tue, Aug 25 3:55 AM remaxim review of Sister & Brother by artemisstrong
some great use of silence
Tue, Aug 25 3:42 AM remaxim review of Rest (For A Bit) by The Orchestral Movement of 1932
a beautiful mix. I see some great movie scene when listening to it
Fri, Jan 2 5:47 PM remaxim review of Dreamin' (Of The Woman In The 80's Horror Film) by yellowjacket_osx
the beginning just blowed my mind... amazing intro and transition
Wed, Aug 6 3:21 AM remaxim review of Love is Inside by Aio2008
you're damn mean ... this sounds great! Even though I heard some versions of ...
Sun, Aug 3 4:37 PM remaxim review of Guessin' Games by J. SPIERS
I really enjoy your work. Thanks a lot man
Sun, Jul 27 1:53 PM remaxim review of Lover's Lounge Aquablender Mix by aquablender
sounds like mainstream to me... and actually I like it because of that. A great ...
Sun, Jul 27 10:42 AM remaxim review of Heroes Total Jazz DnB Remix by Ezy Axis
almost perfect to me ... a really good spoken-words-song
Sun, Jul 27 10:34 AM remaxim review of matter of time - final A Set by barfy
a simple but very skilled interpretation of the song thanks for sharing it
Sun, Jul 27 4:59 AM remaxim review of Paloseco Brazz Orchestra Flugelhorn Solo by The Paloseco Brazz Orchestra
thanks. I m going to use this one in my next porn movie just joking of cours...
Thu, Jul 24 2:07 PM remaxim review of Drip - Is Anybody Listening (Demolee Remix) by demolee
No, to me this fits perfect. I like it very much. Great production, good highlig...
Wed, Jul 23 1:15 PM remaxim review of Te quiero mas (voz) by SilviaO
I m speechless. It's just absolutely wonderful
Thu, Jul 10 4:15 PM remaxim review of I love to make Grooves 01 by MrRobot
I m kind of surprised that I actually like it