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Reviews left by radiotimes

Fri, Oct 12 5:45 PM radiotimes review of Let Your Love Shine*(KOTM) by Loveshadow
I always knew that Alvin the Chipmunk had a more serious side to him and the way...
Fri, Oct 12 2:27 AM radiotimes review of Embrace by Admiral Bob
Has your hands all over it. Magicians hands!
Thu, Oct 11 5:18 PM radiotimes review of Just A Moment by Javolenus
Music from the heart always sounds so much better. Wonderful sounds.
Wed, Oct 10 5:28 AM radiotimes review of PC05 by unreal_dm
It's like a moth to a flame with these fine guitars pulling the mixer in to the ...
Wed, Oct 10 12:48 AM radiotimes review of Clubbed To Echo Delay by greg_baumont
Thanks for this. Just had to do something with it.
Tue, Oct 9 5:09 PM radiotimes review of 1989 by Robbero
Got a bit of that late 70's early 80's Madness feel about this and very good for...
Tue, Oct 9 5:03 PM radiotimes review of Reynardine by Anchor
Bit creepy this! Definitely one to listen too with the lights on.
Mon, Oct 8 5:06 PM radiotimes review of dazed by airtone
Wonderful mix of sounds that blend together really well.
Mon, Oct 8 5:04 PM radiotimes review of dazed by Jeris
Frantic but soothing at the same time! Great percussion.
Mon, Oct 8 5:02 PM radiotimes review of Closer Now by TheDICE
Sort of brings out a darker side of the vocal but it works very well.
Mon, Oct 8 4:58 PM radiotimes review of Shine by unreal_dm
Great arrangement and execution that fits the vocal like a glove
Wed, Oct 3 12:51 AM radiotimes review of Joy (of Being) by Anchor
Your style is open to the world as usual. Great mix of genres. Possibly on...
Mon, Oct 1 6:20 PM radiotimes review of Reality Check by Javolenus
Reality! Ah there's a thought. I went there once but the light was too bright....
Mon, Oct 1 5:42 PM radiotimes review of Cepheus by Robert Warrington
Very sensitive and compelling. Picky point! I would have liked the vocal to h...
Mon, Oct 1 5:36 PM radiotimes review of Why I Never Run by Alex
Powerful but pretty! Love those guitars!