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I love CCMixter, however, storage for big WAV stems is sometimes limited. I am working on a project of putting all of my high-quality stems online, all the parts, the vocals, plus the MIDI versions, plus the actual scores notated in MuseScore. Seriously. All my songs, all the stems, all the MIDIS, all the scores. Please visit this part for the .WAV stems as I try to continually add them:


Please feel free to use my files for your projects. Remixes of Queenie material have been used in all sorts of projects, including commercials and feature films. You do not need permission from me to use any of my music here on CC Mixter, even for commercial projects. Creative Commons is what I am all about.


Most of the stems and pellas on my page are from my 14 song Dream of Flight. If you’d like to hear how I mixed them, have a listen at:
The price is 99 cents per iTune, but buy the album via CDBaby as it is SUPER CHEAP and the best deal.


I am very proud to say that my voice has become so sought after for collabs! If you need something from me I will try to do it, however, I’m forced to turn projects down (not because I don’t want to do them) but because I just simply don’t have time. I always appreciate suggestions for public domain or folk songs that people want me to sing, in fact, that’s how Amazing Grace and Stretched Upon Your Grave came about! Please suggest songs at my email address, kimberly dot steele at comcast dot net.


I am a normal person living the quiet life with a regular job. Queenie is a fantasy persona that I developed to express my musical side.

Without the internet, Queenie never would have gained a devoted core of fans of obscure Gothic Ethereal music. My sound has been described as a more Gothic Enya with Japanese influences.

In 2004, I released my first vampire novel, Forever Fifteen, as a Creative Commons work. Forever Fifteen is a completely free audiobook in 34 chapters from and others.
I enjoy releasing my audio works through the Creative Commons license because doing so enables me to connect on a deep, personal level … straight to the hearts of people who truly “get it”.

I do not for one moment feel taken advantage of as an artist/writer—I do what I do not in the pursuit of money. I “make stuff” because I feel I must constantly create in order to be happy. This whole idea of music copyrights has gotten completely out of hand: there’s nothing new under the sun anyway, so artists should just relax and let others play with their work.

In 2002, I released a self-produced no-budget album of songs called QUEENIE. Making the songs available many places on the internet for free became a huge vehicle for exposing my work to new people.

Please watch my website,, for updates.


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