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Reviews left by pt_music

Wed, Jun 29 3:04 PM pt_music review of This Is So Dope by Zep Hurme
my head starts banging, immediately.
Tue, Nov 6 4:40 AM pt_music review of With You There(With Love) by Alex
great tune with a btreathtaking vibe and a little agressive note. love it.
Thu, Jan 19 11:02 PM pt_music review of looking forward by Manolo Camp
i see pictures of water at the morning and rain falls in. some insects moving a...
Tue, Jan 17 11:30 PM pt_music review of by Alex
at the beginning there's nothing and after seconds you filling up the emptiness ...
Tue, Jan 17 6:05 AM pt_music review of Sooner or Later (Deeplastik & Stonemason) by Deeplastik
lying back on sofa ... nice and smooth sounds. great one but i have one littl...
Thu, Jan 5 5:21 AM pt_music review of Broken (heart/dream) by septahelix
great groove, away from mainstream... i like it. little bit wired ....yess, nic...
Thu, Dec 29 8:13 AM pt_music review of Cry Over You (black moon mix) by Psychadelik Pedestrian
i'm sitting since 1h at my desk and listen to this song again and again and agai...
Thu, Dec 29 6:56 AM pt_music review of N_E thing 4 ya by morgantj
nice reminds me to the sound of DubFX ;-)
Thu, Dec 22 8:47 AM pt_music review of Maybe by Ghost_k (Ghost Kollective)
thx also for this great piece of music. these has found his way to may playlist...
Thu, Dec 22 8:34 AM pt_music review of Stop (One More Time Remix 2011) by Ghost_k (Ghost Kollective)
thanx for this great track. i'm using this at my Trackmania Server as Backgroun...