Reviews left for polyplus

Tue, Oct 18 6:41 PM soundtails review of Acceptance by polyplus
wow...likely to spread or influence on others in a rapid manner with adding this...
Mon, Sep 12 9:34 AM Kara Square review of Y by polyplus
Cool remix! Love that wobble bass. Awesome beats.
Sat, Jul 30 1:49 AM texasradiofish review of polyplus feat. Snowflake - Blasphemy by polyplus
nice orchestrations, P
Wed, Jul 27 1:11 AM urmymuse review of polyplus feat. Snowflake - Blasphemy by polyplus
very nice orchestral flavourings to snowflakes classic
Sun, Jun 5 4:33 PM Snowflake review of Miracles - Symphonic Version by polyplus
i dig the underground vibe from the top. some wonderful orchestration work, espe...
Fri, May 27 12:11 PM Snowflake review of Shallow Waters by polyplus
wonderful orchestral work. i especially love the pizz! beautiful production. tha...
Fri, May 6 8:32 AM Kara Square review of A Moment of Clarity by polyplus
Powerful. Exciting. Dare I say 'epic'? Thanks for remixing me. This is awesome.
Sun, Apr 24 1:51 AM texasradiofish review of All For Free by polyplus
Smokin' dub step, P
Tue, Apr 19 3:52 AM stellarartwars review of Sometimes by polyplus
I love the sample at the start, it's from Reason or Battery, have used it myself...
Fri, Mar 11 10:17 PM Bluemillenium review of Holiday Funky Blues by polyplus
Too bad you do not share your tracks. It's your choice. Its a good job.
Thu, Mar 3 11:29 AM fourstones review of Lost by polyplus
very, very nice - I like the instrumental production - not sure if it was your i...
Fri, Feb 19 11:29 PM VickyDan review of Miracles by polyplus
A perfect adaptation for the voice ....