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panu (panumoon):

Reviews left by panu

Sat, Jan 10 6:11 PM panu review of Adrenaline Junky by Synaptic_Decay
DAT'S how you roll 1.
Sat, Jan 10 3:08 PM panu review of All It Takes (Be a Man) by Scott Altham
really a beautiful job. thanks very much!
Fri, Jan 9 9:57 PM panu review of Rain. Above The Karman Line by Loveshadow
good lord!
Fri, Jan 9 2:15 PM panu review of Broken by reblaw27
i agree w/ scott on the tech issues, but i used to buy dylan bootlegs on vinyl a...
Fri, Jan 9 2:02 PM panu review of Ganesh Atharwa Sheersha by Carosone
om mani padme hum. many possibilities!
Fri, Jan 9 5:17 AM panu review of Broken Acappella by reblaw27
a stunner of a vocal!
Thu, Jan 8 3:56 AM panu review of Grandad's Knees by radiotimes
a very pretty track, RT. glad you picked up on queenie. her beautiful voice & ...
Wed, Jan 7 2:02 PM panu review of Tell Us Where You’ve Been by Subliminal
for me, minmalism can be effective & listenable. each of these samples held my ...
Wed, Jan 7 1:50 PM panu review of Magic In Your Eyes (DJ Chaz Mix) by DJ_Chaz
i gave this a rec for the obvious thought & talent in the mix. i agree w/ earlie...
Wed, Jan 7 1:42 PM panu review of Sunrise Remix (plugged) by Caleb Charles
really a nice mix. clean analog/electro marriage that sells the song well. on t...
Wed, Jan 7 6:35 AM panu review of Upon Waves of Promise by khidir
on a personal note, i will tell you that i consider you to be a very gifted play...
Mon, Jan 5 4:51 PM panu review of Suitcase by Scott Altham
a truly beautiful and, i think, cinematic approach to Anchor's spoken word. wou...
Mon, Jan 5 4:41 PM panu review of Espero by Drift
very nice & a well thought out approach to the chords on this one. very much en...
Sat, Jan 3 4:12 PM panu review of Old Magic by mullion
great backing track for a superior vocal. plenty of room for each instrument in...
Thu, Jan 1 9:30 AM panu review of The Fool who was the King by radiotimes
a mind & heart-grabbing mix on a melody that would sound exotic in any culture. ...