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Reviews left by Orrisroot

Tue, Apr 25 10:27 AM Orrisroot review of Missing Person by Stefan Kartenberg
Lovely work, brightened my evening :)
Mon, Dec 30 5:42 PM Orrisroot review of Winter Winds by Vidian
We only had two days of snow here, I'm going to need extra winter next year. ...
Mon, Dec 30 5:20 PM Orrisroot review of Rise 2 nu Heights by copperhead
Goes from soft and gentle to sweet and playful. Subtle and optimistic. Great com...
Mon, Dec 30 4:58 PM Orrisroot review of Radiant and Lovely by The Bird and the Bloke
I can't decide if this is a fall song or a spring song, but it sounds like natur...
Mon, Dec 30 4:51 PM Orrisroot review of end of us by penston
Creates an image of a city that morphs into a temple. Nice.
Wed, Dec 11 12:32 PM Orrisroot review of what you don't you by mutagene
This reminds me of when I was a child, half-asleep in the car on a country road ...
Wed, Dec 11 12:13 PM Orrisroot review of the sky changes colour by urmymuse
Relaxing and smooth.
Wed, Dec 11 12:09 PM Orrisroot review of Blue Island Love (Dark Version) by Mirek Kuzniar
Trippy. A Hotline Miami / Skid Row blend in aquamarine. The piano clears the thi...
Wed, Dec 11 11:51 AM Orrisroot review of Morning Star by AOS
That's a rich soundscape, with elements of nostalgia and space. (And... robots?)...
Sun, Nov 24 6:37 PM Orrisroot review of Crust feat. Orrisroot by JoesTaverne
Cool, mechanical, relentless. I doubt the guy'll be getting away from this one. ...
Tue, Nov 19 4:26 PM Orrisroot review of Waiting by onlymeith
Gentle and smooth. Has a nostalgic quality, and while it starts out smiling, I f...
Tue, Nov 19 4:14 PM Orrisroot review of Lonely by Michael_G
Smooth, with prettily layered sounds. They give the track a nice depth, making i...
Sat, Nov 9 3:17 PM Orrisroot review of The Sky's Changing Colour by Loveshadow
Wow! Truly unexpected, with an amazingly soft mood. Feels genuinely friendly, if...
Tue, Nov 5 10:05 AM Orrisroot review of I'll be Waiting... by Jeris
Cool and cozy, smooth and sensual. Very nice work.
Tue, Nov 5 9:54 AM Orrisroot review of Morning Star by Doxent Zsigmond
Nice, chill groove. Dreamlike.