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Reviews left by onlymeith

Sun, Sep 10 4:41 PM onlymeith review of climate winds rmx by Martin Cee (softmartin)
I love the treatment of the samples. As Kara says, dramatic remix. Congratulatio...
Sun, Sep 10 4:27 PM onlymeith review of Autumn's Dream Lullaby by gurdonark
Great remix. I love the treatment of the samples getting great textures. Congrat...
Sun, Sep 10 4:15 PM onlymeith review of nightWalk by airtone
Simply exquisite remix. The sounds get you wrapped around and trapped without be...
Sun, Sep 10 3:54 PM onlymeith review of Tools of the Trade by Doxent Zsigmond
Excellent work, I love the intriguing sound of the synths and when the powerful ...
Sun, Sep 10 9:52 AM onlymeith review of Rise Up (Like the Sun) by Snowflake
Yes, excellent remix with great moments, some magicians, others mesmerizing (lik...
Sun, Oct 30 3:18 PM onlymeith review of House of Ghosts by gurdonark
Your personality and musical style are in every second of this excellent remix.
Sun, Oct 30 12:42 PM onlymeith review of Love Is by Admiral Bob
Of course, the guitar is excellent. I love. Congratulations on the remix.
Sun, Oct 30 12:34 PM onlymeith review of gravitationalWaves by airtone
Great remix. Delicious, transparent and of course with excellent production.
Sun, Oct 30 12:19 PM onlymeith review of HealDance by reusenoise
I was hooked. I like it.
Sun, Oct 30 11:49 AM onlymeith review of Little Boat Kraft Mix by saturo
I love the remix. Excellent sound energy.
Sun, Oct 30 6:45 AM onlymeith review of M.E.I.T.H. by mwic
I really like what you've done. Given what you've written, I appreciate your eff...
Thu, Jun 16 2:47 PM onlymeith review of Patterning by Speck
Great, samples very different from each other, creating a musical universe homog...
Wed, May 25 12:48 PM onlymeith review of Instead Of Writing A Letter by Speck
Excellent remix, my dear man of the baton.
Wed, May 25 12:39 PM onlymeith review of Nimbostratus by Subliminal
I have rejoiced much to see and of course hear a new remix from Subliminal. I li...
Sun, May 15 3:32 PM onlymeith review of Winter Glow by Aussens@iter
A true delight remix. Everything in its place, excellently developped. Excellent...