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Thu, Apr 23 2:53 AM oldDog review of The Day We Went To Tesco's by Radioontheshelf
Love this!
Sun, Feb 22 1:52 AM oldDog review of Secret Things (Mellow Downtempo) Ft Snowfake, Old Dog, Doxent Zsigmond and Admiral Bob by coruscate
Thanks for using my sample. I think this works really well.
Mon, Jul 28 1:53 PM oldDog review of Blackbird Song by CiggiBurns
Fabulous!! Hmmm, I feel an arrangement coming on….
Sat, Jul 5 4:47 AM oldDog review of Please Don't Be Shy (ft. CiggiBond) by keytronic
Fabulous! Love the original vocal track, love this arrangement!
Fri, Mar 28 1:36 PM oldDog review of Close to Mike jazz mix (ft. oldDog) by CiggiBurns
Many congratulations on the Ed Pick, Ciggi - well deserved! It's a great lyric, ...
Thu, Feb 27 9:33 AM oldDog review of Bad Penny by CiggiBurns
This is a really lovely, moving song, beautifully sung. It's wonderful to hear m...
Mon, Feb 14 6:29 AM oldDog review of Changing Survey by onlymeith
Lovely work! I don't know how you have made the samples work so seamlessly toget...
Wed, Sep 29 2:16 AM oldDog review of Chiba by Calling Sister Midnight
Beautiful and evocative. Great work!
Sat, Sep 4 6:25 AM oldDog review of Achilles by DeBenedictis
Fantastic! Simple, powerful words and your usual awesome delivery. (as usual,...
Sat, Sep 4 6:22 AM oldDog review of Achilles by Admiral Bob
Absolutely love it! A classic with a great swing to it, matching the feel of the...
Tue, Aug 17 9:55 AM oldDog review of The Living Game by panu
I love the way you find words that work so perfectly for a song - direct and fre...
Tue, Aug 17 3:00 AM oldDog review of The Future Is Underwater by The Mulletz
Nice! - and I haven't heard many mixes of Calendargirl recently, so it's good to...
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