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Reviews left by narva9

Sun, Aug 9 9:59 PM narva9 review of The Bitter End by Subliminal
It is so fragile and strong. Beautiful. Caged and raging under the surface. Than...
Wed, Aug 5 7:47 PM narva9 review of Under The Velveteen Skies by Ivan Chew
:-) n9
Tue, Aug 4 6:25 PM narva9 review of the war (mixter mashup) by Analog By Nature
Just toe tapping goodness! Awesome. n9
Tue, Aug 4 6:24 PM narva9 review of Cello Frevo by short hopper
I can't put a finger on exactly why...I only know that I like this. There's just...
Tue, Aug 4 6:20 PM narva9 review of The Cold Wood Stove Blues (New Orleans Mix) by Calling Sister Midnight
Oh my this is delightful. A little tin pan alley. The vocals/lyrics are great. L...
Tue, Aug 4 6:17 PM narva9 review of This is on the stairs by Quantum Theor(y)
Edgy, angst-y, killer tight. A great frame for State Shirts wonderful vocals. So...
Tue, Aug 4 6:15 PM narva9 review of Winter Fades by Painfulcompanion
Beautiful. I love the Amelia June parts. It's similar and yet so different from ...
Tue, Aug 4 6:12 PM narva9 review of Winter Fades by Painfulcompanion
I love it. It's so darkly atmospheric. A beautiful mix. Thank you so much for in...
Sun, Jul 26 9:38 AM narva9 review of Back On It / Analog Brotha Side by BOCrew
Love it - n9
Sun, Jul 26 9:33 AM narva9 review of Show Me Something by logos
Great grooving head-bopping number. Thanks for sharing. n9
Thu, Jul 2 9:11 AM narva9 review of Destination Non-Specific by DoKashiteru
Sweet. Destination Non-specific indeed... you definitely know where you're headi...
Thu, Jul 2 9:09 AM narva9 review of Let's Just Go by CASchubert
Congratulations on the Ed Pick! Such a delicate touch you have. Beautiful. Foren...
Thu, Jul 2 9:03 AM narva9 review of Love Amongst the Elephants by radiotimes
:-) Me, I like things that go boom!
Thu, Jul 2 9:00 AM narva9 review of I Got Chu ! by Loveshadow
Love it. So sexy. You've got me all bumpity again :-) n9
Thu, Jul 2 8:57 AM narva9 review of At a Monkey's Wedding by Fireproof_Babies
Dude. This is awesome. Killer lyrics, fantastic guitars, and oh the anger, the l...