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Reviews left by narva9

Sun, May 8 9:04 AM narva9 review of Like I do by Jeris
Love it. :-) n9
Sun, May 8 9:02 AM narva9 review of BELOW CSOUL REMIX by CSoul
A very sinister mix. Beautiful in a disturbing (in a good way). n9
Sun, May 8 8:53 AM narva9 review of BoreStane by Sturzstrom
Not sure how to describe this audio journey....I like it though. I like the chan...
Sun, May 8 8:48 AM narva9 review of Strange Marionette (PZ Remix) by Papa_Zulu
I like the juxtaposition of the gritty urban electric sounds with the angelic vo...
Sun, May 8 8:44 AM narva9 review of Slippin' & Slidin' by texasradiofish
Soulful for a Sunday morning. Perfect for company for some hot milk tea and lazy...
Sun, May 8 8:42 AM narva9 review of Summertime by Scomber
Love it. If I close my eyes I can smell the ocean, feel the sand between my toes...
Mon, May 2 7:36 PM narva9 review of 3 Birds In an Alley (CookieMix) by duckett
Strangely lovely and all round beautiful. I like the deconstruction and warping....
Sun, Nov 28 6:00 PM narva9 review of The Lady of Shalott .... by VickyDan
Oh my this is simply gorgeous and scary and sublime. Like Tennyson's poem it is ...
Mon, Oct 18 7:33 PM narva9 review of WHERE DID THE LOVE GO by BOCrew
Me likey a lot :-) n9
Mon, Oct 18 7:30 PM narva9 review of Run... Run... by dydjej_inja
Pulsing and Perfect. Clean and tight. Great for a slalom run on a groomed green ...
Mon, Oct 18 7:26 PM narva9 review of Bring it to me by basematic
Very hip beatnik. I feel like I should be attired in black pants, black turtlene...
Mon, Oct 18 7:21 PM narva9 review of Too Young by rocavaco
Lovely, ethereal, and touching. Beautiful. n9
Tue, Dec 1 8:29 PM narva9 review of Damsel In Distress by 3rd attempt
Dirty, dirty, dirty & lovely, lovely, lovely. Awesome mix. Thanks so much for in...
Tue, Oct 27 9:01 PM narva9 review of The Colour Of Blue by Pitx
n9 loves Pitx and SackJo22 ;-)
Sun, Oct 25 7:15 PM narva9 review of Tell us by Zapac
Thank you so much. This is absolutely gorgeous. The piano is beautiful. :-) n9