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Reviews left by narva9

Mon, Apr 20 8:00 PM narva9 review of Velveteen skies by Carosone
I don’t know how I missed this. It is so beautiful. Thank you for including us...
Mon, Apr 20 11:45 AM narva9 review of Flesh and Bone by Briareus
A true manifestation of disorientation and emotional breakdown. Thank you.
Mon, Apr 20 11:42 AM narva9 review of A Prayer For The Lonesome by Radioontheshelf
Thank you so much for this beautiful mix. n9
Fri, May 20 5:14 PM narva9 review of Arrive, Dreams, Arrive. by Kaer Trouz
Thank you for making my world just that much more beautiful today. Absolutely br...
Fri, May 20 4:57 PM narva9 review of The Colour Of Blue by rocavaco
Simply beautiful and elegant. A real treat for a late night listen. n9
Fri, May 20 4:55 PM narva9 review of The Color Of Blue by copperhead
Just lovely. I love the doo-wop feel. And the harmonies are killer. Thank you fo...
Fri, May 20 4:51 PM narva9 review of Never Ever by unreal_dm
I'm not sure how I missed this one? But belated thank you for doing such a lovel...
Fri, May 20 4:43 PM narva9 review of I Dreamt by Jeris
Such a lovely feel to the words. Simple, deep, transcendent and deeply hypnotic....
Fri, May 20 4:39 PM narva9 review of In N Out Blues by Steven M Bryant
Fri, May 20 4:37 PM narva9 review of An Untitled Love Song by unreal_dm
Joyful and perky. Absolutely perfect for a sunny spring day :-) n9
Fri, May 20 4:36 PM narva9 review of Sturzstrom Eurovision Entry 2054 by Sturzstrom
Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. n9
Sun, May 8 9:26 AM narva9 review of InLove by Loveshadow
Smooth and silky. Soft and seductive. I believe your assessment of tags is corre...
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