One Love Event Extended!
My Free Mickey (myfreemickey):
Fri, Mar 29 8:21 PM Features :: Created a Tag Locator
this is really a great useful script. Thanks a lot for sharing.
Mon, Mar 25 9:38 AM Announcements :: Scheduled Downtime 2013/03/21 at 9PM EST
Just think of it. I'm not sure about it but I think there where some sources (at...
Fri, Jan 4 11:14 PM The Big OT :: Merry Christmas
Same to you. Have a creative and wonderful year
Fri, Nov 16 8:16 PM Announcements :: GIFT OF SONG -- Annual Holiday Remix Event
Wait, I think I got I got the whole thing wrong. The event is aimed primarily at...
Sat, Nov 3 3:31 AM Announcements :: Happy Birthday ccMixter! (celebrate w ccM schwag)
Happy birthdayccM
Sat, Jul 14 6:52 PM Parts Wanted :: Remixing Video?
Nice, I check et right a way
Mon, May 21 7:46 AM Parts Wanted :: Remixing Video?
Made some animation clips with sinfig studio/ Here to click And here
Sun, Mar 25 6:23 AM Parts Wanted :: Remixing Video?
I just started to use kdenlive on kubuntu. Here's a link For windows I heard...
Sat, Mar 24 9:38 AM Parts Wanted :: Remixing Video?
Here some resource that come in handy And more links
Wed, Mar 21 5:47 AM Parts Wanted :: Remixing Video?
Maybe, at least learn to be good at :) I see great potential Videoclips, int...
Tue, Mar 20 5:55 AM Parts Wanted :: Remixing Video?
You mean video editing. Same concept but video instead of audio. Cool idea,...
Mon, Mar 19 4:23 PM Parts Wanted :: Occupy News reads
Not at all :) It would be great thanks;
Thu, Mar 8 7:47 PM Parts Wanted :: Occupy News reads
Haai, I'm looking for some kind of news read like speech. I the style of big ...
Wed, Mar 7 8:09 PM DIY :: Does such a utility exist?
A program designed to sample a midi keyboard. that will send out midi notes, ...
Thu, Mar 1 8:02 AM Features :: filenames of samples
Good idea I also do this manually now