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Reviews left by musikpirat

Tue, Jan 1 1:27 PM musikpirat review of The Game Has Changed by My Free Mickey
Out of control? It's great! Was a pleasure to hear it again and again. It is the...
Wed, Dec 19 1:44 PM musikpirat review of The Last XMas (Sing Some More) by SackJo22
There is a little background noise at the end of your acapella. Is there any cha...
Sun, Dec 16 12:12 PM musikpirat review of Im a Deadman (but dont forget to add me) by Scomber
Like it!
Wed, Dec 5 12:26 PM musikpirat review of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen by Admiral Bob
Did I ever mention, that ccmixter is the greatest place for music I ever met? Ch...
Tue, Dec 4 1:07 PM musikpirat review of O Come All Ye Faithful (Adeste Fideles) by unreal_dm
Now that's what I call latin rock! :o) Ed picked!
Sat, Dec 1 1:22 AM musikpirat review of Winter Glow by Zep Hurme
A great song as opener for this years Creative Christmas Calendar. :)
Sat, Oct 13 4:48 PM musikpirat review of Mephisto Cafe by texasradiofish
"Songs" like this makes it worth to be sued by the GEMA. Thank you very much for...
Sat, Oct 13 4:31 PM musikpirat review of Ballin - cdk Mix by Analog By Nature
Great stuff - please extend it!
Wed, Oct 10 12:42 PM musikpirat review of Hot Core by 7OOP3D
EdPick \o/
Sat, Sep 22 2:38 PM musikpirat review of Put Your Hands Up (Dubstep Version) by Chandan Boruah
Great second remix of that pella! Had to ed pick it. Thanks to the ccmixter gods...
Sat, Sep 22 2:23 PM musikpirat review of When I Look Up At The Sky by Zep Hurme
You're a true music genius. Hope one day I can give you a free bee in exchange f...
Sun, Jul 15 12:53 PM musikpirat review of all for freaks ( All For Free Remix ) by Dysfunction_AL
Damn, this song is a killer! Makes its worth to be sued for sharing it. :) Ed...
Sat, Jul 14 8:36 AM musikpirat review of CCMixter (We are not evil) by Abstract Audio
Ed pick! Ed pick! :o)
Thu, Jul 12 12:38 PM musikpirat review of Free Music! by Steven M Bryant
Thank you for this song - feel hugged from germany! :o)
Mon, Jul 9 1:06 PM musikpirat review of Heart on the Floor( Zero G Mix ) by Loveshadow
Damn! SackJo22 was too fast for me... :)