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Reviews left by musikpirat

Sun, Oct 2 1:08 PM musikpirat review of Forest Of Dreams (cdk Club Mix) by Analog By Nature
I wish I was a DJ and could add this to my set. So I have to pick it as the Catc...
Sat, Oct 1 1:50 PM musikpirat review of After the War (PZ Doomed Remix) by Papa_Zulu
Now this is some pretty raw power! Perfect how the guitarre blends with susans's...
Sat, Oct 1 1:49 PM musikpirat review of Caffeine Love Affair (interstellar mix, inc stems) by stellarartwars
Yap, this is funky! Some fair trade coffee company should by a license of this s...
Fri, Sep 30 1:12 PM musikpirat review of Song 4 B PB-version v2 by PBDoetMee
Catch of the day!
Fri, Sep 30 1:10 PM musikpirat review of Magic in your eyes (Never Cared Remix) by PetoriousHamilton
Very effective use of the instruments - sounds great!
Thu, Sep 29 1:05 PM musikpirat review of Spanish Moss & Gator Holes with Panu by timberman
Great interpretation of panus song.
Fri, Sep 23 12:44 PM musikpirat review of Santiago Moonlight Reflects by salvatore_j
Nice lifting!
Thu, Sep 22 1:08 PM musikpirat review of Speak To My Soul by CSoul
Very nice song. Gotta catch it. :)
Wed, Sep 21 1:36 PM musikpirat review of Dubcentric by MC Jack in the Box
Yeah, this one reminds me of some good ole times... No easy choice today, but t...
Tue, Sep 20 1:04 PM musikpirat review of Maybe The Rain by Zep Hurme
Excellent track. I wish I could do video editing... All I can do is pick it as t...
Mon, Sep 19 1:24 PM musikpirat review of Bounce (cdk Mixter Mix) by Analog By Nature
A shame that I can pick only one remix as the Catch of the day. :) http://mus...
Wed, Sep 14 12:32 PM musikpirat review of Fire and Rain by MC Jack in the Box
I do not understand all of the vocals. Well, I understand barly anything of them...
Mon, Sep 12 12:25 PM musikpirat review of Autumn by Vidian
Perfect track for this time of the year! http://musik.klarmachen-zum-aendern....
Fri, Sep 9 1:26 PM musikpirat review of GumboMix by Jeris
Catch of the day. :) (finally... :)
Tue, Sep 6 11:07 AM musikpirat review of Perfect circle (Robbero remix) by Robbero
Somehow the basedrum feels strange... At least on the two different headphones I...