Reviews left by morgantj

Sun, Nov 10 12:22 PM morgantj review of Sleeping Giant by Suzi Q. Smith
Love the vocals. Would love to make a track around them, provided you provide t...
Fri, Mar 29 12:15 PM morgantj review of MMTMMP 20 - Ending by Mind Map That Music Map Podcast
LOL. It should be pronounced, "Morgan Tee Jay" :)
Mon, Feb 18 6:24 AM morgantj review of The Haunted Hotel by SackJo22
Nice dark $hi7. I love it. Good job. I have an idea for a remix of this too. It'...
Sun, Feb 17 6:27 AM morgantj review of Aluminium Sticks (Kirkoid Mix) by Kirkoid
Excellent use of samples. Good choice of molding aluminum sticks and raindrops t...
Mon, Feb 6 7:45 PM morgantj review of Ice Cream Dreams by Jeris
Sat, Feb 4 5:35 PM morgantj review of Time Traveler by ghosts4hire
I was just about to recommend this track... again. Apparently, it won't let me r...
Thu, Dec 29 4:33 PM morgantj review of Dastardly 85 BPM Construction Kit by coruscate
Nice and fresh. This deserves more credit than it is getting. Some tracks on her...
Mon, Sep 26 8:17 AM morgantj review of Dub Bum by Analog By Nature
Mon, Sep 12 11:36 AM morgantj review of c4n & 4nsic - Get On It ( Clip ) by c4n
Dubstep wins.
Sat, Sep 10 6:23 AM morgantj review of Mayura by Jeris
This is awesome! Great samples! Thank you for sharing.
Tue, Jul 26 7:04 PM morgantj review of COSPTEMODYCS ENIGMA by CSoul
I think your radio is possessed.
Sun, Jul 3 8:22 AM morgantj review of Szeder by Grizzly616
Awesome Beat! Love it.