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Masala - a collective led by Max Cegielski (a popular young Polish traveller and a writer) and DJ Praczas who have invite their fellow DJs to the MASALA-parties.

MASALA blends tradition with the modern influences; they have paved the way for a wholly new and unknown music genre in Poland. The godfather and the producer of the album is Max Cegielski, a journalist and an author of two books - Apokalipso; and Masala; (from which the name of the collective has been derived). The co-producer and the author of the most of the songs is Praczas (Rafal Kolacinski), the headmaster DJ Masala Soundsystem and a head honcho behind a band Village Kollektiv. The rest of the producers are the members of a duo called Like Orient Sound System i.e.:Smoku (Jarek Smak; a highly respected person in the dub-master scene; formerly of Post Regiment) and Yama (Jacek Kaczmarek - a jourmalist of the Polish State Radio Station, co-author of a book on the war in Iraq called Noise of Azrael Wings also well-know as an independent music producer).

Looking forward to hearing the mixes!
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