Reviews left by magmavander

Sun, Feb 6 2:38 PM magmavander review of Soul Searching w/Congas by rocavaco
This shows how one instrument can improve or change the feel of a song :)
Sun, Feb 6 9:19 AM magmavander review of Emergence (elliptical orbit vibe) by shagrugge
Superb atmosphere... Soulful one.
Sun, Feb 6 9:14 AM magmavander review of Soul Searching by Alex
Right in my alley :) Superb modern jazz feel, really well done. Thanks a lot!
Sun, Feb 6 9:11 AM magmavander review of straight to the light by raja_ffm
Superb backtrack. Sounds very good :) Great work
Sun, Feb 6 9:07 AM magmavander review of Merge by go1dfish
Great stuff!! Very warm sounding (aaaah, the ePiano is so gorgeous), very good v...
Sun, Feb 6 9:03 AM magmavander review of Ocean Woman by Abstract Audio
Sun, Feb 6 8:55 AM magmavander review of Have you ever seen a butterfly? by debbizo
Very interesting 'collage'. I've always been a big fan of mixing different genre...
Sun, Feb 6 8:50 AM magmavander review of Prayer For The Lonesome by Bluemillenium
Très beau boulot :) C'est très bien fait et même si je ne suis pas un fan de ...
Tue, Feb 1 3:19 PM magmavander review of Choppin’ Bach to Bonobo by texasradiofish
He he he... You put a large smile on my face, for the fun and hapyness too. Ding...
Thu, Nov 18 1:43 PM magmavander review of NO ONE TO BLAME by BOCrew
I like the feel of your b/t, a mix of smoothness and force. Very creative. And t...
Sat, Nov 6 9:07 AM magmavander review of Black is the Color by Xaphoid
Oh, this is really good! I feel like driving a moto in the Tron movie :) Very cr...
Sat, Nov 6 9:03 AM magmavander review of For a Word by Xaphoid
Hi Xaph, glad to see you here too :D Superb remix, I can recognize your "special...