Ocean Dreams Music Event

Reviews left by magmavander

Thu, Dec 1 8:35 AM magmavander review of Mixed Feelings by CSoul
Cool, I like when its a bit weird and original. If I did know you wanted to do t...
Sun, Nov 27 8:57 AM magmavander review of Black Shadow by Wired Ant
Great BT! I have to upload one day my own version of black shadow...
Sun, Nov 27 8:52 AM magmavander review of In Peace by kenetik
What a great intro :) I enjoyed a lot the whole listening. Lots of great sounds....
Sun, Nov 27 8:47 AM magmavander review of Dimension by ghosts4hire
Wow! Powerful, intense and deep. Thanks!
Tue, Mar 22 4:17 PM magmavander review of The Golden Calf by unreal_dm
Long time I havent listened such great blues :) Merci!
Tue, Mar 22 4:14 PM magmavander review of I Am Music by Niemandsland
Great! The guitar sometimes reminds me a guitarist called leo kotke. Dreamy.
Tue, Mar 22 4:09 PM magmavander review of Not like that by Carosone
Oh yeah! What a sensual stuff :) I can feel how much kenya is hot! I am totally ...
Tue, Mar 22 4:05 PM magmavander review of Was bleibt? by Niemandsland
Very impressive... It's strong, unusual, creative. Thanks!
Tue, Mar 22 4:03 PM magmavander review of Oaf Of Orifice by annabloom
Excellent! Put a smile on my face :)
Fri, Mar 18 5:22 AM magmavander review of On My Island by Briareus
I enjoyed the atmosphere you created here. We can feel tension in it. A kind of ...
Fri, Mar 18 5:12 AM magmavander review of Persephone (Immortal Remix) by mirandum
Great backtrack, full and rich, mysterious and illuminated at the same time :)
Wed, Mar 16 4:05 PM magmavander review of Snail Fetish (Toe Jam Toast) by Sawtooth
Great work. A lot of very cool 'tricky' sounds and fx on vocal. I liked the rage...