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Reviews left by Darkroom

Mon, Jun 14 9:14 AM Darkroom review of Goodbye Shadow (the lofi remix) by Admiral Bob
admiralbob, I salute you. Beautifully done.
Mon, Jun 14 9:07 AM Darkroom review of raindrops by grapes
I have to agree with all above. Nicely done!
Fri, Jun 11 9:38 AM Darkroom review of Donatien Alphonse Fran├žois de Sade by Joan Villaperros
I like your work. Original stuff.
Fri, Jun 11 9:32 AM Darkroom review of Don't Push by texasradiofish
Funky a** sh**. David Bowie meets Funkadelic. What a way to start my morning!
Fri, Jun 11 9:24 AM Darkroom review of So Weird (Mix) by William Berry
haha, I have to agree with SackJo, it immediately reminded me of Radiohead. Very...
Wed, Jun 9 2:47 PM Darkroom review of Nothing like this before - kRap remix by Bakka
I am diggin' this one more than the last two submissions. This one has some futu...
Tue, Jun 8 1:24 PM Darkroom review of Lick my wounds by Donnie Drost
I am a sucker for violin and great music. This has both. Other than the vocals b...
Tue, Jun 8 1:10 PM Darkroom review of Outside Poolside by Lasswell
You have molded this one into a breathtaking soundscape. Very well done.
Tue, Jun 8 12:58 PM Darkroom review of DREAMIN OF A BREEZY by BOCrew
Smooth flowin' track. Dig on the effects!
Mon, Jun 7 4:21 PM Darkroom review of Run to the End by Tenny
well done all around
Mon, Jun 7 11:58 AM Darkroom review of InsideOutside by raja_ffm
Fanstatic production.
Mon, Jun 7 11:32 AM Darkroom review of Did Ya Love me by copperhead
Fun, fun, and more fun! Besides the occasional peak distortion, I really dig on ...
Mon, Jun 7 11:29 AM Darkroom review of Never Get Out by Chandan Boruah
hmmm.. ok, this is very important. I suggest you take some time to familiarize y...
Mon, Jun 7 11:20 AM Darkroom review of whitePicketFences by airtone
Amazing work!
Mon, Jun 7 10:34 AM Darkroom review of With The Light by JCrews
haha, you are going to need to bring that bass down about 20db! I would like to ...