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Mon, Jul 24 4:10 PM Loveshadow review of better by sleeperspaceborn
This mix for me remains one of the most inspired and beautifully produced tracks...
Mon, Jul 24 4:05 PM Loveshadow review of stars as bright by sleeperspaceborn
The lights were off when this arrived obviously. Would not have found it if I ha...
Fri, Jul 15 11:25 AM Loveshadow review of Partners In Crime by Zep Hurme
great tune ...you have him sounding like michael hutchence.
Thu, Jun 23 5:21 AM Loveshadow review of Sometimes [7" Jihfa Remix] by Jihfa
... again...yea .
Thu, Jun 23 5:20 AM Loveshadow review of Figure It Out [Jihfa ReMix] by Jihfa
This is a great remix. Sweet choice of sounds.
Thu, Jun 23 5:16 AM Loveshadow review of Miracles [Jihfa Reload] by Jihfa
Nice work Jihfa, sounds great, and respectful of the vocals.
Thu, Jun 23 5:02 AM Loveshadow review of BREAK FREE by THE_CONCEPT_OF_ENERGY
Wow .. now that's a remix. Love it. Thanks :-)
Thu, Jun 23 5:00 AM Loveshadow review of Here Comes The Snow by Aussens@iter
What a great blend of musical parts. You chord choices are great in the new work...
Tue, Jun 7 3:23 AM Loveshadow review of Break Free by Zep Hurme
Love how you have kept the basic shape of the original and then Gabrielised it w...
Tue, May 10 3:31 AM Loveshadow review of Face in the Crowd by ScOmBer
Nice writing and production here. Respect. :-) She's got a sweet voice.
Tue, May 10 3:22 AM Loveshadow review of Dedication (with Quarkstar feat. MissJudged) by Mana Junkie
Gritty stuff :-)
Tue, May 10 3:19 AM Loveshadow review of The Fish Apologize To Lorelei (Bluemillenium mayday mix 03) by Speck
Great dream state atmospheres .
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