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Reviews left by latopa

Fri, Oct 25 4:04 PM latopa review of Sky Keeps Crashing by Linden Tree
I am going down your uploadsclearly you have great ears and remind me of a Bill ...
Wed, Oct 23 4:36 PM latopa review of Lurking by Karstenholymoly
you have the electro S&^$ together.Very creative with nasty (poly) rhythms...I w...
Wed, Oct 23 4:03 PM latopa review of Sweet Pauline's Juke Joint Party by texasradiofish
it's a bird, no it' a it's funk music we don't hear enough! Great ret...
Mon, Oct 21 4:07 PM latopa review of Hey Bird by Linden Tree
talented cat
Mon, Oct 21 3:32 PM latopa review of Make It Do by Speck
what planet are you from? dissonant groovy and it works. And, be ...
Sun, Oct 20 1:57 PM latopa review of Szeder/Gratitude by Quarkstar
thanks for the recommend.Great work on this.
Fri, Oct 18 4:00 PM latopa review of donnieozone and mag On My Way by magmavander
zawinesques...very nice;)
Thu, Oct 17 3:37 PM latopa review of LEMONADE by BOCREW LAB
very good work on this one
Thu, Oct 17 3:30 PM latopa review of Kiss The Wave by unreal_dm
a veteran with great hears, musicianship & PRO to the bone,bravo!
Wed, Oct 9 6:04 PM latopa review of Scary Girl by FORENSIC
Hey man, i did a remix of your rap...this is ridiculous (synchrony) because i ad...
Wed, Oct 9 3:12 PM latopa review of Let It In by charlie_charles
great keys!great job
Tue, Oct 8 4:21 PM latopa review of A Stranger To Ourselves by Donnie Ozone
Great S$%#@, that's why i am here. thanks for the inspiration to make some muse.
Tue, Oct 8 3:39 PM latopa review of Red Love Liberation by mwic
David Lynch next soundtrack, Wacky stuff.
Tue, Oct 8 3:35 PM latopa review of Rabble by mwic
was laughing all the way. sounds like B52 meets?...great hears and good ideas ma...
Tue, Oct 8 3:18 PM latopa review of goodbye butterfly by Jeris
very nice:)