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Sat, Mar 26 1:47 PM latopa review of I'll Wait (Emotional Days Mix) by Siobhan Dakay
WTF SD! I would hire the drummer(rhythm section), the piano, bass,string sect...
Mon, Mar 21 10:36 AM latopa review of Danny Boy by texasradiofish
When humans are intelligent. Music
Mon, Mar 21 10:26 AM latopa review of Summer Camp by Stefan Kartenberg
SK, Just a great feature of your guitar playing, and arrangements you do @ ccm....
Sun, Mar 20 12:02 PM latopa review of Kiss The Wave .... by VickyDan
Very creative and in the pocket mix. But...the bass line is not in Harmony wi...
Sun, Mar 20 11:50 AM latopa review of Dig the Uke by Stefan Kartenberg
A master guit player with, humility Great mix
Sun, Mar 20 11:38 AM latopa review of All the Time (ft DJ Vadim) by SackJo22
SkJ, After re-listening... had to give you my support voice of what you did m...
Fri, Mar 18 2:28 PM latopa review of World Of Sports by Stefan Kartenberg
Modern s*&@ you did on this mix
Fri, Mar 18 1:35 PM latopa review of All The Time In The World Is Now by Speck
Spekos, (Beautiful mix) the time is not all the time in the world, it is now...
Wed, Mar 16 12:13 PM latopa review of The Glory Of Love by Stefan Kartenberg
Ennio Morricone,2016... ps:you should tweak your guit sound as 1960 fender Cr...
Sun, Mar 13 2:33 PM latopa review of Straight To The Light by Aussens@iter
A musician that chills with percussion...the right way!
Fri, Mar 11 10:58 AM latopa review of Stop The Drop by Stefan Kartenberg
Tarantino music, he should listen, bravo SK
Fri, Mar 11 10:45 AM latopa review of Admiral's Leave by Speck
NOSTALGIA: Speckos, this mix brought me back when i started to play percussion ...
Tue, Mar 8 12:53 PM latopa review of The Piano and Other Things by @nop
I pressed play, and i listen... like
Sat, Mar 5 1:28 PM latopa review of 150 Seconds Of 9's (Instrumental) by Aussens@iter
Top notch groovy jazz with musicians like(G.Osby...)... making samples?? Bra...
Wed, Mar 2 3:53 PM latopa review of The Gateway by Snowflake
The love you have with music. I am silent, loved what you did.