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Mon, Oct 12 11:48 AM latopa review of The Heartstring by Zep Hurme
Zepos, The 80's created midi fusion between tech and creative arrangements. ...
Sun, Oct 11 12:54 PM latopa review of Demons got ahold of me by Kruzzial
A welcome arranger for hip hop and above, bravo broskeep them coming:)
Sun, Oct 11 12:42 PM latopa review of Slug Life by Speck
From Wiki, Slug : a slow, lazy person; a sluggard. Slug you are not Spekos
Sat, Oct 10 11:46 AM latopa review of Marine North by @nop
a welcome original mixer
Sat, Oct 10 11:35 AM latopa review of On Mars Go by robomoon
Glad that D.OZ, has a different (original) vibe to his voice and music.
Sat, Oct 10 11:06 AM latopa review of Velveteen skies by Carosone
Creative title, avatar and talented musicianship for this mix are just kudos for...
Sat, Oct 10 10:51 AM latopa review of A Visible Piece of Humanity by texasradiofish
A class of how to mix...and be creative.
Sat, Oct 10 10:43 AM latopa review of Straight Outta Taos by texasradiofish
I 3rd this, the music with the vocals poetry. A great mix to all involved wit...
Fri, Oct 9 12:50 PM latopa review of City Life by Hystrixx
Loud and in the pocket. You got your mojo in the style with D.OZ crazy dj arrang...
Fri, Oct 9 12:41 PM latopa review of Reeboks by Hystrixx
intense s*&T
Wed, Oct 7 12:13 PM latopa review of NASA by Robbero
RB, this cut is just more organic than what you did before. a good listening
Wed, Oct 7 12:07 PM latopa review of Mother Nature Healing Me by Zep Hurme
Yes! long time Zep. The healing was good..., and the music delivers your talent ...
Sun, Oct 4 12:21 PM latopa review of Supernatural by spinmeister
A Stromae vibe; groovy and intelligent concept.
Sun, Oct 4 11:30 AM latopa review of Dancing Sad by Dan_Mantau
man, a complete masterpiece of pop music arrangement.
Sat, Oct 3 9:49 AM latopa review of Swing Afrique by Speck
To retort ccm: While every effort has been made to insure the accuracy of th...