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Sun, Nov 22 2:22 PM latopa review of Melt Away by Quarkstar
you are the Thomas Dolby of ccm
Fri, Nov 20 1:30 PM latopa review of Coconut Song by Stefan Kartenberg
when the 80's... You got coconut's in music SK surprises all the time in y...
Fri, Nov 20 1:18 PM latopa review of Joy Jam by Speck
futur afro beat from the speckos...the creative mojo is with you.
Tue, Nov 17 6:45 PM latopa review of Heads Held High by Siobhan Dakay
The chords...:)you did magic SD. paz
Tue, Nov 17 6:31 PM latopa review of Warm Arc of Company by PorchCat
Smooth drones...
Mon, Nov 16 4:30 PM latopa review of Just Another Percussion Piece by Marco Nicola
Just another PEACE! Marco, i teared up to this piece... (happiness and sadnes...
Sun, Nov 15 9:31 PM latopa review of Earth Is Burning (#NousSommesUnis) by Siobhan Dakay
Just to add SD, The earth is not burning, we are burning it. tx for your m...
Sun, Nov 15 9:22 PM latopa review of Loving Men - CSoul at 90bpm feat. Ciggiburns by Siobhan Dakay
What hit my hears,,,the bass arrangement, groove....you have a bass player soul ...
Sun, Nov 15 8:41 PM latopa review of Out Into The Open (Leafblown Mix) by duckett
Yes mr.duck, long time. your post on the tune is very detailed (poetic). the ...
Fri, Nov 13 2:51 PM latopa review of I Feel Everything by Speck
Speckos, you felt everything since your 1st post. Just publish and make music wi...
Fri, Nov 13 2:42 PM latopa review of Da Da Sha La Bee Da by Stefan Kartenberg
Sk, man just made a Taylor Swift tune
Fri, Nov 13 2:38 PM latopa review of I Heart Your Brain (SAW mix w/stems) by stellarartwars
sw,your music is...what is ccm, unpretentious and creative s*&^. The form is ...
Wed, Nov 11 5:58 PM latopa review of GangBang by Stefan Kartenberg
How you guys do these mixes, after...after, day, hour...is beyond me. Bravo:)
Tue, Nov 3 12:31 PM latopa review of haywain project world happines by Stefan Kartenberg
sk,for some reason this reminded me of Quadrant 4 Billy Cobham album. Tommy B...
Fri, Oct 30 4:18 PM latopa review of A Time of Ghosts and Scary Things by SackJo22
Contemplative arrangement Sack, a special guest: Bill Frisell on guit? great vi...