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Reviews left by jobobarikan

Mon, Sep 7 4:48 PM jobobarikan review of Vibes, Strings & Drums by remaxim
http://jobobarikan.deviantart.com/art/Thunderstorm-136274438 thank you Job...
Sat, Sep 5 4:36 PM jobobarikan review of my sky burning blue by urmymuse
http://jobobarikan.deviantart.com/art/Blu-Ray-Ionic-State-136021358 Thank You...
Sun, Aug 30 8:01 AM jobobarikan review of Cidade Sol by bigbonobo
http://jobobarikan.deviantart.com/art/Did-I-135279300 woo hoo!
Sat, Aug 29 4:02 PM jobobarikan review of Moon Mash 4:20 by teru
http://jobobarikan.deviantart.com/art/moon-mash-4-135206909 thanks!
Fri, Aug 28 6:50 AM jobobarikan review of Secret Garden by ScOmBer
http://jobobarikan.deviantart.com/art/Secret-Garden-135038122 Thanks Scomber!
Thu, Aug 27 4:52 PM jobobarikan review of Slanted Voices by morgantj
http://jobobarikan.deviantart.com/art/Slanted-Echoes-134982063 umhum jb
Thu, Aug 27 5:44 AM jobobarikan review of tekno dizzy by DoKashiteru
http://jobobarikan.deviantart.com/art/Five-Wands-134918780 yes!
Thu, Aug 27 4:37 AM jobobarikan review of How Lucky We Are (Live at the ccM Convention) by ScOmBer
http://jobobarikan.deviantart.com/art/We-Have-the-BEET-134815636 loving beet ...
Tue, Aug 25 12:38 PM jobobarikan review of Morning Dream by gurdonark
http://jobobarikan.deviantart.com/art/Eskd-134721065 thanks jb
Mon, Aug 24 7:04 PM jobobarikan review of Suitcase by The Suit, Inc.
Mon, Aug 24 6:48 AM jobobarikan review of lucid dream of sleep by Speck
http://jobobarikan.deviantart.com/art/Marin-Sunday-Evening-134564558 thank yo...
Thu, Aug 20 2:05 PM jobobarikan review of Death March To Sun Fun City by RUIN
http://jobobarikan.deviantart.com/art/Sikkoactive-134118512 thanx! jobob a...
Wed, Aug 19 8:20 PM jobobarikan review of Ice and Chilli by _ghost
http://jobobarikan.deviantart.com/art/August09-134032033 thanks! jobob arika...
Mon, Aug 17 9:23 PM jobobarikan review of Big Baby by CiggiBurns
http://jobobarikan.deviantart.com/art/Soon-Will-Be-Too-Late-133788509 thanks!...
Sun, Aug 16 7:55 AM jobobarikan review of Faceless War by ScOmBer
http://jobobarikan.deviantart.com/art/Amerika-133572730 Thanks for your underst...