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spinningmerkaba (jlbrock44):

Reviews left by spinningmerkaba

Mon, Mar 30 10:58 AM spinningmerkaba review of Good And Evil Is Evil by septahelix
Great mix for my Stay up all night creating playlist.
Mon, Mar 30 10:55 AM spinningmerkaba review of What is love for robot by ifangoodmusic
Yes, please upload your stems! And stay healthy.
Mon, Mar 30 10:21 AM spinningmerkaba review of Play That Game by Kraftamt
Like a fresh drink on a beautiful spring day after the storm.
Mon, Mar 30 10:10 AM spinningmerkaba review of This Could Be The End Of Me by Speck
Thanks for making me laugh Speck. You must of had fun writing these lyrics.
Thu, Mar 19 7:36 PM spinningmerkaba review of Numbers by Kara Square
This feels alone, distant, aware and concerned. That's a hard combination to de...
Tue, Mar 17 8:30 PM spinningmerkaba review of Special Frogs by septahelix
Inspired! I'm trippin on the groove your in.
Tue, Mar 17 8:18 PM spinningmerkaba review of Pandemic by millaze
Beautiful upload millaze. Thanks for sharing your talents. If you could sh...
Tue, Mar 17 7:54 PM spinningmerkaba review of Kava Dawn by Apoxode
Love it. Flavors of Weather Report and Olu Dara and Beck. Nice combination of ...
Sat, Feb 29 9:26 AM spinningmerkaba review of rISE UP PHOENIx by Siobhan Dakay
I can see this massive phoenix rising out of the hot smoky landscape, and she's ...
Sat, Feb 29 9:15 AM spinningmerkaba review of Climate Change Is Real Ft E-State & BangCorrupt by coruscate
I like a lot how you've used the event description as a spoken word track in you...
Sat, Feb 29 9:12 AM spinningmerkaba review of MEGAMIX - Rise From The Ashes by coruscate
Megamix...haunting and focused on the spoken word. Will someone use this in a d...
Sat, Feb 29 9:10 AM spinningmerkaba review of Dances With Koalas by coruscate
Really vibing on the old skool synth track in this one. Synchronistical, becaus...
Sat, Feb 29 9:05 AM spinningmerkaba review of Song For New Holland by Subliminal
Beautiful air and tone in the guitars and vocals give the emotional tone of Song...
Sat, Feb 29 9:01 AM spinningmerkaba review of Chaos In The Outback by septahelix
Post apocalyptic digitized glitch mixed with outback groove....excellent combina...
Sat, Feb 29 8:58 AM spinningmerkaba review of Song Of The Phoenix (Tectonic Mix) by coruscate
The space created in the sonic landscape is searching for meaning and Sackjo's v...