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spinningmerkaba (jlbrock44):

Reviews left by spinningmerkaba

Sun, Jul 7 11:05 AM spinningmerkaba review of Your Own Life - Singerevita - Nickillus remix 2019 by Nickillus
Your version of this pell is dreamy and filled with possibility, like every day ...
Sun, Jul 7 10:55 AM spinningmerkaba review of Been Like That Too by SackJo22
I love the hint of other remix events embedded in this mix Sackjo22! Your mix ...
Sun, Jul 7 10:51 AM spinningmerkaba review of Hurricane (80's proghouse) by Whitewolf
The drums and the suspense in this mix remind me of a hurricane as it approache...
Sun, Jul 7 10:25 AM spinningmerkaba review of Live Your Own Life by texasradiofish
You shook the avocados right into the guaciamole with this one TRF!
Sun, Jul 7 10:21 AM spinningmerkaba review of One True Connection (ProgRock RMX) by Whitewolf
Loveshadow combined with drop tuning...this mix goes far into the depths of crea...
Sun, Jul 7 10:17 AM spinningmerkaba review of Focus on Love - Kara Square - Nickillus remix 2019 by Nickillus
This remix is a carnival ride of dreamy orchestration with the focus on love. ...
Sun, Jul 7 10:13 AM spinningmerkaba review of Why Can't We by texasradiofish
With grooves that are uplifting and a pell that strikes common ground, Why Can't...
Sun, Jun 23 5:08 PM spinningmerkaba review of Universal Rhythm (ft. spinningmerkaba and Scomber) by Apoxode
Go go go! faster than scomber spinning round the universe!
Sun, Jun 23 5:03 PM spinningmerkaba review of Distant Lands by Zep Hurme
Love it
Sun, Jun 23 5:01 PM spinningmerkaba review of Intentions (Communal Mix) by Speck
Thanksfor bringing us all together like this! Super cool
Sun, Jun 23 4:50 PM spinningmerkaba review of Take the Time to Listen by texasradiofish
Very much enjoyed listening to this TRF. uplifting and sunny like the day I'm i...
Mon, Jun 10 9:06 PM spinningmerkaba review of inTENsity (Whitewolf's Rock-Hop) by Whitewolf
Whitewolg and Scomber start us off with an inTENse mix! Thanks for setiing the ...
Mon, Jun 10 9:03 PM spinningmerkaba review of Good Intentions (pell) by Snowflake
I hear broadway style production this pell is asking for. Who is up to the task...
Mon, Jun 10 8:57 PM spinningmerkaba review of Fish in the Sea by Admiral Bob
Wisdom salted with hope...Admiral Bob takes us out on the open ocean of remix po...
Mon, Jun 10 8:53 PM spinningmerkaba review of Focus on Love by Kara Square
dreamy and deep...wow...this is hit in the making!