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Reviews left by spinningmerkaba

Mon, Nov 17 2:33 PM spinningmerkaba review of Alive or Dead, who cares. Being dead just means being asleep, and people wake up by stellarartwars
I hear the street in this mix, just sounds earthy and real. thanks!
Mon, Nov 17 2:25 PM spinningmerkaba review of Drizzly Bears Witness by duckett
Always a pleasure to hear what comes out of your studio.
Mon, Aug 4 9:32 AM spinningmerkaba review of Looking for a new girl by Shelflife
Robotic and funky, sounds like an alien Elvis was cruisin' across the galaxy in ...
Mon, Jul 14 9:34 AM spinningmerkaba review of Just A Thought by IDzeroNo
Thanks for adding these vox into your mix!
Mon, Jul 14 8:52 AM spinningmerkaba review of Come Home by Alex
I raise the goblet of rock as a toast! Thanks Alex! You carved out chunks of mol...
Thu, Jul 10 9:57 PM spinningmerkaba review of The Beatin' of Your Heart by copperhead
Holy crunch tones copperhead! This is a tough and tight mix with lots of sparks...
Wed, Jul 9 3:20 PM spinningmerkaba review of Come Home (big summer fest mix) by naotko
Thanks for the mix! Your work inspired an extra verse which I uploaded with the...
Wed, Jun 25 6:27 PM spinningmerkaba review of The_Only_Ones_Alive by Stefan Kartenberg
Thanks for adding my pells to your mix! My family and I are literally living wi...
Thu, Jul 25 7:49 AM spinningmerkaba review of Be Disembodied Spirit by CSoul
Thanks CSoul! Much respect for you and your abilities to pull such drama and em...
Sun, Jul 14 9:15 AM spinningmerkaba review of FLOTATION DEVICE (mix) by @nop
lord knows i need one. thanks!
Sun, Jul 14 9:06 AM spinningmerkaba review of Muted Me by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Nice bass lines! May I suggest you upload your track as a sample for others to ...
Mon, Apr 29 12:13 AM spinningmerkaba review of On Sale by Hans Atom
This song is going out to all the activists I know that'll be rocking May Day in...
Mon, Apr 29 12:06 AM spinningmerkaba review of I'm Feelin' You by copperhead
sounds like a 71 dodge charger in mint condition.
Mon, Apr 29 12:02 AM spinningmerkaba review of To Be Sensitive - Kara Square (Piero Peluche remix) by Piero Peluche
Tight mix, sounds like it was tracked live. Classic soul and modern feel. The ...
Tue, Feb 19 6:17 PM spinningmerkaba review of Wink Nod Shake Shake (Mastermix) by coruscate
I love how the mix opens up new interpretations of the lyrics and the samples, f...