Quintessential Solstice
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Reviews left by i2b

Mon, May 31 3:29 PM i2b review of Glitch Guitar 1 by Fireproof_Babies
Very cool; there's a lot of texture here.
Mon, May 31 3:28 PM i2b review of Torque by Fireproof_Babies
I'm diggin' the acoustics on this one; may just have to replace "funky drummer" ...
Mon, May 17 9:04 PM i2b review of Hard Headed Woman by texasradiofish
Wow...this is a lotta fun to listen to; reiterate some of the previous comments ...
Mon, May 17 8:50 PM i2b review of Da Da Sha La Bee Da (Did You Love Me?) by grayhartgray
Sounds good...my math sucks right now..what's the bmp on this one?
Wed, Apr 28 8:25 PM i2b review of el ciclo by PhinkTink
I'm diggin' the beat; I don't understand the lyrics (though I am supposedly lear...
Tue, Apr 27 7:11 PM i2b review of RTN RmX - (Schrodinger Mix) by Phazor
I really dig this track; a very grooving beat. The kick is a little distorted, t...
Tue, Jan 5 9:04 PM i2b review of Walking across the DRUM(BalkanBeat) by error404
Woah.../this/ is funky :)
Tue, Jan 5 6:09 PM i2b review of For My Shoogie by Ivan Chew
I'm diggin' the Santana-esque guitar and "panumoonish" ... certainly attributing...
Tue, Jan 5 5:51 PM i2b review of Green Rock by Ivan Chew
Nice work Ivan! It is /very/ different from mine. The samples you chose certainl...
Wed, Nov 4 9:32 PM i2b review of Heretics of Mars by error404
This track is a lot of fun!