Quintessential Solstice

Reviews left by flujo

Sat, Dec 19 12:11 PM flujo review of Brown & gold (Beat rebel mix) by Kojo_Akusa
Your beats are so earthy Kojo. They make you want to stand in the middle of a f...
Sat, Dec 19 12:01 PM flujo review of Sick n tired (guessin' games) beat rebel remix by Kojo_Akusa
Love the kick in this. How are you sidechaining it in the track?
Fri, Dec 18 9:27 PM flujo review of I (don't) know why by DJ.E-State
Perfect fit sonically. Good work! Do you know what he's saying?
Sat, Oct 3 9:22 AM flujo review of Brown & Gold by Leza Boyland
This is gorgeous, and so clean too.
Sun, Jun 28 10:45 AM flujo review of I WANT TO SHOUT OUT (jayp remix) by jayp
This is proper!
Fri, Jun 26 12:32 PM flujo review of Scomberella CMS Promo(extended) by ScOmBer
Brilliant! That kid sounds so sute.
Sat, May 30 8:44 AM flujo review of Deep Unity (Essential Deeper Remix) by DJ_Essential_I
This is nice!! You have a good groove going on here.
Sat, May 30 8:38 AM flujo review of Lets get deeper (Essential Dark Deep Remix) by DJ_Essential_I
Wicked! I don't know what else to say other than thank you. :-D
Sat, Dec 27 9:03 AM flujo review of Fall to Pieces (for Sakura Kaminari/ Cherry Blossom Storm) by reblaw27
Wow! Came on to have a browse through some acappellas while playing an idea for...
Thu, Nov 27 1:57 PM flujo review of Double Dutch by Kruzzial
This sounds like part of a theme track to a movie. Where are the rolling credit...
Thu, Nov 6 6:00 PM flujo review of Into the light by EDECHERS
I agree with colab. I really like the idea. If you upload a version without vo...
Mon, Nov 3 3:35 PM flujo review of Good Enough (the club mix) by rifft
Mmmmm. This is the one I've been looking for. Now it's time to get to work! It ...