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Reviews left by economix

Wed, Jul 11 8:18 AM economix review of Free Music and Free Beer by Admiral Bob
Wow! Shouldn't it be Bob's Bobbing beat? Please feel free to use any operating s...
Wed, Jul 11 12:01 AM economix review of CCREATORS CCULTURE (inc stems) by stellarartwars
I was just about to go begging for vocals , and here they are! Great collaborati...
Mon, Jul 9 8:02 AM economix review of Walk On by BeeAge
How could I resist making this tribute at
Fri, Jun 29 6:41 AM economix review of PeaceLoveSoul by Jeris
Awesome, Jeris and Kung Fu, what a team !
Fri, Jun 22 3:58 PM economix review of Non-Commercial Controversial? (KF, Jav-O, E-con Mix) by Joel Frijters
Hey, Collaboration wins again! T H A N K Y O U and a big high five for this work...
Wed, Jun 20 10:37 PM economix review of Disappointed by copperhead
I hate punk, but I like this - it makes my car go faster.
Tue, Jun 19 12:12 AM economix review of 3 Pin Din Plug (aka Fast Day) - stems by stellarartwars
I like it. Din Plug sings of former glory. Subject is at the darker end of the s...
Mon, Jun 11 8:02 PM economix review of Rise Again Blues by AussieJohn - OneMUSICk
Good jive. Nice to meet a countryman sharing the airwaves. I shall follow your c...
Mon, Jun 11 9:44 AM economix review of Sola Solita by Andres Franco
WHat language is that? Do you have lyrics?
Sun, Jun 10 12:42 AM economix review of Walk On by narva9
I love it. I was looking for a 120bpm track for a lyrics on-screen project and ...
Wed, Jun 6 6:05 AM economix review of Heart On Redial by Loveshadow
staggeringly beautiful. I could not resist putting your lyrics on a tribute http...
Wed, May 23 5:08 AM economix review of Little Penguin by gurdonark
One of my favourite mixes. I grew up near the "Fairy Penguins" of penguin island...
Sun, May 20 7:20 AM economix review of Ophelia's Song (Vocals) by musetta
POSSIBLE LYRICS When I fall in love, I get dizzy I fall up and just start to tea...
Thu, May 17 5:27 AM economix review of Ice Cream Dreams by Jeris
I liked the sparing bass touches.
Thu, May 17 5:23 AM economix review of Ice Cream Dreams by Leza Boyland
Delicious - reminds me of