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Reviews left by duckett

Tue, Oct 2 3:06 PM duckett review of Wind by teru
Pearl Jam meets "Disintegration"-era Cure, with a dash of the Smiths... I like i...
Tue, Oct 2 2:58 AM duckett review of Short Fuses... - So Far Away remix by teru
Wow. Very moving- this was one of those times I woulda killed anyone interruptin...
Mon, Oct 1 11:45 PM duckett review of persan song by superouioui
hope you enjoy what I did... -Duck
Mon, Oct 1 9:42 PM duckett review of Lies On Lies (scmixer low punch mix) by s.c.mixer
Please don't take this the wrong way, but I picture this as the musical accompan...
Mon, Oct 1 9:30 PM duckett review of August (Mumblemix) by Incoherent Mumble Train
pulls no punches- nice -Duck
Mon, Oct 1 9:26 PM duckett review of DjiZ - Mama Africa_beat (Beat for KILLIAN) by Kwame
loving the tension created by the guitars' staggered placement, that early Peter...
Sun, Sep 30 7:25 PM duckett review of Drones by Briareus
If a Unimate invented hang-gliding, it would sound like this :) -Duck
Sat, Sep 29 11:31 PM duckett review of OPHELIA'S SONG (CONDURSO rmx) by CONDURSO
Trent Reznor meets "Blue Jay Way", I like it, kind of like watching an experienc...
Sat, Sep 29 10:55 AM duckett review of The Ball Song by NoiseCollector
Wow. I feel like I've been molested by Nanny McPhee, or Angela Lansbury maybe......
Sat, Jul 21 7:07 AM duckett review of May (Lion's Share Mix) by tacet
LOL thx for the timeline tidbit- Nice subtle build, tight beat, dunno why but m...
Mon, Jun 25 7:13 PM duckett review of White Child (Duckett) _ Ready Or Not [DJIZ] Re-Remix by Kwame
oh hells yes, this is some vicious sickness right here! no flies on IZ...=) -Du...
Mon, Jun 25 6:05 PM duckett review of G.G.S. by Antonio_Talent
Verra smooth.. welcome to the 'mixter!
Sun, Jun 24 9:21 PM duckett review of Overreacting - Half Full mix by teru
very magicalmysterytour-informed, nice severe calm to everything...
Fri, Jun 22 11:53 PM duckett review of Cidade Sol Rmx by ASHWAN
Cripes this is surgically clean! Not a mis-step to be found... -Duck
Wed, Jun 20 5:04 PM duckett review of Reverse World by Abhi S.V.
maybe you think it's a throwaway, but I'm likin' it... -Duck