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Reviews left by djolliej

Tue, Sep 27 1:43 PM djolliej review of LONGING DEEP YONDER by CSoul
OMG. This is insanely good. If not a film, this could definitely work in a video...
Tue, Sep 27 1:17 PM djolliej review of Creep Beat by Speck
Listening to this is like a bad dream that I'm happy to wake up from. Excellent!
Sat, Sep 10 8:59 AM djolliej review of Piano Soundtrack 1 by gurdonark
This is really good. I can't wait to work with it.
Mon, Sep 5 9:06 AM djolliej review of Slide Attention Disorder by go1dfish
Great work. There is some material here that I definitely would want to incorpor...
Mon, Sep 5 9:05 AM djolliej review of Longing for Tumbleweeds by Admiral Bob
Excellent. I feel like I am watching the introduction to modern day Western film...
Mon, Sep 5 8:49 AM djolliej review of quicksilverscreensaver by septahelix
Excellent arrangement of sounds. I am starting becoming fan of yours.
Mon, Sep 5 5:40 AM djolliej review of Twilight of the Cinema by septahelix
I am really digging this. I've got my head nodding and everything.
Sat, Sep 3 10:06 PM djolliej review of Mayura by Jeris
There is a lot to work off of this track alone. Great stuff.
Mon, Jul 4 12:48 PM djolliej review of Redundant Array of Inexpensive Dictators by go1dfish
Loving the message. Thanks for mixing me up. I really like the guitar you used t...
Wed, Jun 22 2:22 PM djolliej review of Interlude2 by Robbero
Nice work. Thanks for picking me up.
Mon, May 2 4:17 PM djolliej review of Start Again by Alex
This is a nice groove. Excellent work.
Mon, May 2 3:50 PM djolliej review of Give it Up (Start Again) by Snowflake
Hot Damn! All I can say is this is a really really good song. Beautiful voice a...
Wed, Mar 30 10:38 AM djolliej review of The Boy Loves by SackJo22
Did I ever tell you that I am addicted to your voice? I have really liked mixin...
Wed, Mar 30 10:29 AM djolliej review of McJackinthePot by El.ector
Energetic. A perfect listen for getting shit done.
Wed, Mar 30 10:14 AM djolliej review of Empty Room by Vidian
F'ing awesome. I really felt like I lucked out by being assigned you for my firs...