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Reviews left by J.Lang

Sat, Jul 11 11:17 AM J.Lang review of Count On Me by Zep Hurme
Fri, Jul 10 1:55 PM J.Lang review of Count on me by Stefan Kartenberg
Great rock/ pop song. I love it.
Mon, Jul 6 7:01 PM J.Lang review of Lock In by Rataxes
Very Very Nice.
Mon, Jul 6 6:44 PM J.Lang review of the wind is rustling the leaves by Martin Cee (softmartin)
Beautiful . I wish EsencayEnis would upload the stem to this track. Nicely done....
Mon, Jul 6 6:41 PM J.Lang review of Maybe Come Back Soon by EsencayEnis
Please please please upload the stem for this track.
Mon, Jul 6 6:39 PM J.Lang review of The Heart Of A Star by Subliminal
I love the DEEP sub sounds and the great drum track. great that compliments her ...
Sat, Jul 4 4:45 AM J.Lang review of Let Me Breathe by Admiral Bob
a very touching performance by you both.
Tue, Jun 30 11:38 AM J.Lang review of Love is my Road (Back to You) by Siobhan Dakay
Great build up. Very nice mix.
Sun, Jun 28 5:44 PM J.Lang review of Let Me Breathe by Dysfunction_AL
Beautiful Mix with a touching message.
Sun, Jun 28 5:30 PM J.Lang review of Exhale by sparky
Full of energy and power. Great mix and production.
Sat, Jun 27 9:38 AM J.Lang review of I Am a Man by SackJo22
Very Cool, chill hip hop with a message.
Sat, Jun 27 9:35 AM J.Lang review of Perfect Storm - Kara Square and Piero Peluche by Piero Peluche
Great mix, Powerful lyrics and Top notch production.
Sat, Jun 27 8:58 AM J.Lang review of Like the Rain by Apoxode
I'm digging it. Your are a sample master. Great mix and well deserved Ed Pick.
Wed, Jun 24 12:11 PM J.Lang review of Wordless by Radioontheshelf
Nice addition to Javolenus great guitar work. Sweet
Wed, Jun 24 11:36 AM J.Lang review of Something Different by Speck
Powerful and nicely done.