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J.Lang (djlang59):

Reviews left by J.Lang

Thu, Nov 24 7:09 AM J.Lang review of April Showers (Dance In The Rain) by Zep Hurme
This track is awesome ..
Thu, Nov 24 6:57 AM J.Lang review of To the Best Time of the Year by texasradiofish
Fun and Spirited track. Nice work Guys
Thu, Nov 24 6:39 AM J.Lang review of Time (cdk Give Me Some Dubstep Mix) by Analog By Nature
Banging !!!!
Wed, Nov 23 9:18 AM J.Lang review of Ivan May Change by Admiral Bob
It's sad when a mixter is left behind, happy to see you step up and make that tr...
Wed, Nov 23 9:13 AM J.Lang review of Me Robo El Show (Instrumental Jazz Mix) by Jeris
Cool Jazz, smooth jazz, that feels so good make ya want to groove jazz. Very ...
Tue, Nov 22 7:56 AM J.Lang review of philosophy bag by septahelix
Thanks for including me in such fine company. Well done sir.
Tue, Nov 22 7:21 AM J.Lang review of Sublime by SpaceExplorer(s)
Nice Dance track. Sweet mix.
Tue, Nov 22 7:17 AM J.Lang review of Simple by unreal_dm
I'm digging your Guitar work on this. You added some nice flavor to this trac...
Tue, Nov 22 7:11 AM J.Lang review of Melting into One by CSoul
Beautiful Track.
Mon, Nov 21 11:03 AM J.Lang review of There's A Better WAY ! by Loveshadow
Heard this for the first time today and can't believe my ears. Loveshadow aka Th...
Mon, Nov 21 10:48 AM J.Lang review of Peace ( There's A better Way ) by Loveshadow
A bit late getting to the party but never the less... this moves the feet and so...
Mon, Nov 21 10:32 AM J.Lang review of cdk guerilla audio by panu
Very Enjoyable, especially that intro. CDK is a brilliant mixer. This mix shows ...
Mon, Nov 21 9:05 AM J.Lang review of Serenity by Clarence Simpson
Beautiful Track Clarence
Mon, Nov 21 8:57 AM J.Lang review of Dark Side of your Heart by Jeris
I Love the Newoldies Groove you have here. Sweet Sweet Track you have here.
Sun, Nov 20 9:07 PM J.Lang review of In Peace (reprise) by Lasswell
I admit I'm a fan.. A Very Big Fan. The piano ( damn I wish i could play ) T...