Reviews left by copperhead

Mon, Sep 29 3:24 PM copperhead review of The Comfy Car (Bring home the meat Bubba) by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
That first cow had me but I blurted WTF was that lol. Not being too familiar wi...
Mon, Sep 29 3:17 PM copperhead review of Enjoy the View at 432 (Hz) by Jeris
I tend to agree with Zep. If it sounds good that is all I need to know.
Sun, Sep 28 5:57 PM copperhead review of In My Head by Aussens@iter
It would be cool if you could upload the stems to this :). Great playing.
Sun, Sep 28 5:54 PM copperhead review of The Penguin Dictionary Of Ancient History by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Stunning work Martijn. This mix sounds perfect.
Sun, Sep 28 5:49 PM copperhead review of New Earth by CSoul
Fantastic and congrats on the Pick!
Sun, Sep 28 5:42 PM copperhead review of Winter comes, autumn leaves. by robwalkerpoet
Nice adds with the shakuhachi. Just a soothing instrument.
Sun, Sep 28 5:36 PM copperhead review of Dancing Like A Maniac by Doxent Zsigmond
Nice groove.
Sun, Sep 28 5:32 PM copperhead review of Like A What? by Scott Altham
Nice to hear you back Scott. Incredible production without missing a beat.
Sat, Sep 27 10:01 AM copperhead review of Change by unreal_dm
I love a good reggae track with other flavors mixed in. Definitely groovin'!
Fri, Sep 26 3:39 PM copperhead review of The Stroller by Shelflife
Really enjoyed this.
Mon, Sep 22 4:09 PM copperhead review of Fundraiser Promo by rocavaco
Very nice Roc and I concur !
Sat, Sep 20 11:28 AM copperhead review of Rain-bow-window by diaphane
This is great! Can you upload the vocal separately please?
Sat, Sep 20 11:26 AM copperhead review of Bambi by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
This is very good Martijnmuch enjoyed.
Sat, Sep 20 11:23 AM copperhead review of Beautiful Mystery Remix by Shelflife
Summer song, last crack at it.
Sat, Sep 20 11:14 AM copperhead review of Texas Boogie (Just Play the Song) by texasradiofish
Awesome and infectious.