Reviews left by copperhead

Sun, Oct 12 2:35 PM copperhead review of Two 4 Seven Vocals by Loveshadow
Dam good!
Sun, Oct 12 2:28 PM copperhead review of Memoirs by Aussens@iter
Fantastic backing track. Thanks for the stems. Quick tip: try a fade over the ha...
Sun, Oct 12 4:34 AM copperhead review of Out There Somewhere by unreal_dm
Beautiful playing. Kara sounds awesome.
Sun, Oct 12 4:27 AM copperhead review of Estalactite by texasradiofish
It's hard not to groove along with this track. Digging the talk box.
Sun, Oct 12 4:23 AM copperhead review of Sackjos Sexy Dubstep by debbizo
very interesting Deb. It sounds like a futuristic video game.
Sun, Oct 12 4:20 AM copperhead review of Beautiful Mystery by unreal_dm
Great track and production Paul. You have AB's vocal sounding stellar. It didn't...
Sun, Oct 12 4:15 AM copperhead review of Gasoline by Aussens@iter
Can never have too much rock here. Cool playing.
Sun, Oct 12 4:13 AM copperhead review of Hard Headed Woman (SAW Club Party Mix) w/stems by stellarartwars
Thanks for the fantastic remix. Much enjoyed.
Sun, Oct 12 4:07 AM copperhead review of I did it for the money! (Glass Eye Mix) by Shelflife
I am digging this. Great drum track.
Sun, Oct 12 4:05 AM copperhead review of Out of the Blue by Dysfunction_AL
Very nice remix. Great vocal track from Fronz. I am working on this also. It's a...
Fri, Oct 10 7:31 PM copperhead review of Now We Are One by Zep Hurme
Awesome as always Zep!
Fri, Oct 3 8:39 PM copperhead review of Out of the Blue by Fronz Arp
Love your stuff.
Fri, Oct 3 8:37 PM copperhead review of The Archies sing the Fronz by Shelflife
Love this style and that synth sound! Nailed it.
Mon, Sep 29 3:32 PM copperhead review of Tha Crash (Prod. by Robbero) by Robbero
Nicely done!
Mon, Sep 29 3:26 PM copperhead review of Comfy And Cushy by Speck
Really nicely done. When you hear a song for the first time and it grabs you lik...