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Reviews left by copperhead

Sun, Nov 16 5:36 AM copperhead review of This is DoKashiteru by Carosone
Definitely and 80's flavor to it. love the dance feel and a fine choice of instr...
Sun, Nov 16 5:21 AM copperhead review of Some where love is closer now by J.Lang
Perfect choice of instruments and chords. You created so many hooks in there wi...
Sun, Nov 16 5:01 AM copperhead review of Badabing Badaboom by spinmeister
What a killer production Spin! The instrument choices are perfect. The pads and ...
Sun, Nov 16 12:10 AM copperhead review of E lucevan le stelle pt. 2 by Jeris
Extremely catchy for minimal vocals. Dam good!
Sun, Nov 16 12:05 AM copperhead review of Shadows in the Hourglass by Admiral Bob
Top shelf vocal and leads. Production is outstanding too.
Sat, Nov 15 10:56 PM copperhead review of One Sound by Snowflake
You did a fantastic job on the production. The vocals sit well and just enough e...
Sat, Nov 15 6:57 PM copperhead review of Homesick by AT
Fantastic piece to take my troubles away. Nicely done Mark.
Sun, Nov 2 4:45 AM copperhead review of Equal Parts by Speck
What an enjoyable listen, chaotic yet cohesive. It's amazing you can make it all...
Sun, Nov 2 4:05 AM copperhead review of Jazz Shuffle Blues by texasradiofish
Nicely put together and I love a good shuffle feel. Thanks for adding me to the ...
Sun, Nov 2 2:08 AM copperhead review of Break Dance by Scott Altham
Excellent groove on this Scott. I can close my eyes and choreograph this is my m...
Sun, Nov 2 2:02 AM copperhead review of A Moment of Clarity by Kara Square
Very calming piece Kara. Good for an early Sunday listen.
Sat, Nov 1 11:19 AM copperhead review of Out of the Blue by unreal_dm
This is perfect all the way around.
Fri, Oct 31 4:02 PM copperhead review of Dead Childrens Dance (Lully Lullay) by keytronic
Hauntingly good. I would like the vocals a tad louder.
Fri, Oct 31 4:00 PM copperhead review of Seed by unreal_dm
I like the fresh take of this. Nice chord changes for a slightly different atmos...
Thu, Oct 30 1:40 PM copperhead review of Don't Be Afraid by Snowflake
Very moving and sad yet beautiful. A touching piece Emily, it's hard not to tea...