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Reviews left by copperhead

Mon, Jan 12 9:49 AM copperhead review of Queen of Wands by Focal Chords
Much enjoyed. Great production also.
Thu, Jan 8 6:18 PM copperhead review of I Want to Love You Vocals by SackJo22
Just going thru your catalog for just the right thang. :) I can't believe I nev...
Sat, Jan 3 4:54 PM copperhead review of Love Is (Top of my Christmas List) by Snowflake
Very nice! Studio is finally up. I think I'll test drive it on this :)
Sat, Jan 3 3:42 PM copperhead review of Two Four Seven by texasradiofish
One of my fav vocals here and you did it justice!
Sat, Jan 3 3:29 PM copperhead review of Hurricane Song by Admiral Bob
You got right to the heart of the vocal. Fantastic lead work as always!
Sat, Jan 3 3:06 PM copperhead review of your moon against my moon by urmymuse
This is really spectacular! I love the guitar work on this.
Sat, Jan 3 2:50 PM copperhead review of Close To Mike (sundowner) by keytronic
The perfect pair!
Sat, Jan 3 2:36 PM copperhead review of Round by Round by Dysfunction_AL
Such a perfect rendition! Sounds like it was written from scratch.
Tue, Dec 30 5:12 PM copperhead review of Waiting (to feel what I know) by SackJo22
Stellar as usual Susan. Love the drum groove and the bass that supports the inno...
Tue, Dec 30 4:55 PM copperhead review of Love Is by unreal_dm
This immediately sounds recognizable and a classic Christmas hit. Brilliant prod...
Tue, Dec 30 4:41 PM copperhead review of Waiting by Zep Hurme
Killer groove Zep! You have a little Genesis thing going on. Super ending too I ...
Tue, Dec 30 4:34 PM copperhead review of All Of The World by Stephen Fewell
This is awesome Stephen. Love the chord selections. Is there anyway you coul...
Thu, Dec 18 4:47 PM copperhead review of Holiday Funky Blues by Snowflake
If you have the blues and listen to this, it would be hard pressed to keep em!
Wed, Dec 17 3:19 PM copperhead review of When I Look Into Her Eyes (Instrumental) by Aussens@iter
Very inventive, Thanks for including me.7 string guitar
Sat, Dec 6 4:32 PM copperhead review of One Sound by unreal_dm
That is one classy track, Paul. I dig it all especially that bass.