Firefly Secret Mixter Remixes!

Reviews left by copperhead

Thu, Jan 22 4:32 AM copperhead review of National Felt (Atomösaurus erectus remix) by Hans Atom
So glad you are a rocker Hans! Another fine quality track.
Mon, Jan 19 4:13 AM copperhead review of Vitamins by Jeris
Sounds like a combo tween Gabriel and Boz Scaggs.
Mon, Jan 19 4:10 AM copperhead review of Lady Ethanol by Scomber
Nice song to break the day in with.
Sun, Jan 18 4:42 AM copperhead review of Spank That Funky Butt by texasradiofish
When you say funky butt, I am assuming you meant that in the best possible way. ...
Sun, Jan 18 4:35 AM copperhead review of The Holiday (with Debbizo) by Mana Junkie
Very cool relaxing piece for a Sunday morning.
Sun, Jan 18 4:30 AM copperhead review of Black Swan feat. Kae Furious by Levihica
Love the EDM feel to approach this vocal.
Sun, Jan 18 4:27 AM copperhead review of Black Lullaby (Papillon berceuse) by keytronic
This is an awesome piece and I like the instrument selection but I tend to agree...
Sat, Jan 17 7:42 AM copperhead review of Holiday Funky Blues by unreal_dm
Excellent groove on this. Not the standard blues piece. Snowflake sounds great i...
Mon, Jan 12 10:15 AM copperhead review of There's Only So Much Time by Speck
A full mashup of just AB!!! Very cool.
Mon, Jan 12 10:09 AM copperhead review of Blabetté de Metz - Psy-Jazz Mix by keytronic
That's one fine piece of Jazz you have there Key!
Mon, Jan 12 10:03 AM copperhead review of Kind of Unreal by Skill_Borrower
Well done again. Thanks for adding me to the mix.
Mon, Jan 12 9:52 AM copperhead review of Platinum Western by Skill_Borrower
Nice use of many sample. I listen to this the other day and forgot to comment. T...
Mon, Jan 12 9:49 AM copperhead review of Queen of Wands by Focal Chords
Much enjoyed. Great production also.
Thu, Jan 8 6:18 PM copperhead review of I Want to Love You Vocals by SackJo22
Just going thru your catalog for just the right thang. :) I can't believe I nev...
Sat, Jan 3 4:54 PM copperhead review of Love Is (Top of my Christmas List) by Snowflake
Very nice! Studio is finally up. I think I'll test drive it on this :)