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Reviews left by copperhead

Wed, Feb 27 6:55 PM copperhead review of Take a Piece by Apoxode
Huh, getupa. Nice.
Wed, Feb 27 6:52 PM copperhead review of That's Love by Alex
Awesome piece Alex. Nice production.
Wed, Feb 27 6:48 PM copperhead review of Americanos by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
All you need now is Jim Morrison doing some vocals.
Wed, Feb 27 6:44 PM copperhead review of The next Generation will save the World by reiswerk
Everyone's chilling out. Nice.
Wed, Feb 27 6:42 PM copperhead review of Bye Little Man by septahelix
Cool piece of music.
Wed, Feb 27 6:34 PM copperhead review of See the wilderness in his eyes by Kristian Skybound
Fantastic treatment for this vocal. Really flows nicely. Production is spot on a...
Wed, Feb 27 6:27 PM copperhead review of Prima Donald's Dick by Speck
Cool piece of Jazz!
Wed, Feb 27 6:25 PM copperhead review of Spring Dew by Stefan Kartenberg
Nice relaxing song. Great tones.
Sat, Feb 23 4:33 PM copperhead review of Hollow Wallowing by Speck
I think this is what the flu feels like because it's the only think that made me...
Sat, Feb 23 4:29 PM copperhead review of In This Dream by Admiral Bob
More rock please!!! Sounds great. Thanks for including me.
Mon, Feb 11 6:06 AM copperhead review of Rip the Jacker by bangcorrupt
Very cool. Thanks for including me!
Sun, Feb 10 6:44 PM copperhead review of Monuments by Admiral Bob
Great production. I could tell in the first 2 notes! Much enjoyed. I love the op...
Sun, Feb 10 6:33 PM copperhead review of Room 14 by Stefan Kartenberg
Very cool version!Thanks so much for doing this.
Thu, Feb 7 4:58 AM copperhead review of Ole Fashioned Love by texasradiofish
Very nice. For some reason I am hungry now:).
Tue, Feb 5 3:28 AM copperhead review of Funky Coin by septahelix
Nicely done.