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I’m Adam (I’ve managed to survive 19+ solar orbits, and counting), and you should know that Love as with Life, is essentially impermanent, ever-changing, and never static. You will never change, and if you did, you’d be a different person with a similar name. Personal Growth, not Drastic Change, is what we should strive for. Think efficiency and morality, not conformity and brutality. w0rd. Never lose your humor, and if you ain’t got a sense, than steer clear, because I can’t handle people like you. Get some. Gratitude and Appreciation are simple concepts, that can be hard to grasp. If you have either of these, do not take them for granted, do not let them slip, and do not lose yourself in how played out this all is. Life is some bullshit, and if you’re a skilled actor, you’ll make an over dramatic mess. It’s when the drama’s over, that we’re at our best. As for me, I can make wonderful sounds come from a bass (primarily), and not-so-shabby ones from a 6-String; as well as being a passionate, dare I say dope electronic musician. Music is my passion. And one day, It will be my career. A job that I actually love having. Ain’t that some shitt?! We all have regrets, we all feel loss. I miss so much..Admittedly, I’d love to do it again, and make some wiser decisions. Unfortunately I just don’t have the time, or the time machine. I’m moving forward into uncharted territory, my failures and disappointments are fading into eternity, and if it’s those which have made me who I am at this very moment, than I wouldn’t change a thing. I’ll never disregard the things that have made me the happiest, I’ll scrapbook the good times, and send the aches & pain far down memory lane until it fades over the horizon with the ones who caused them. Everything in this Life is temporary, so the fact that the stars aligned to make it possible in the first place is a miracle in itself. In conclusion, if it ain’t broke..don’t fix it, and if it is broke..then grow up, and stop beating a dead horse. Peace OUT.

To anyone who read, and appreciated this. MaddLove.
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