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I have been an off and on musician for years. Most of my original music was created between 1994 and 1998. During part of that time, I was an artist on the Independent record label “Artistic Records”. Artistic Records was owned by ‘The Club’ at Firestone during the height of the Progressive House and Breaks scene in Orlando, FL.

After being signed, I had the opportunity to share a studio and work with quite a few talented musicians including Sam Mollison, AK1200, Chris Marchese, Sean Cusick, Sunny Raskin, and Jimmy Van M. While my passion for being a ‘professional musician’ faded, my respect and love of electronic music has continued to grow and mature throughout the years. I must say that I feel extremely lucky to have worked with such talented musicians.

In addition to producing my own music, I have started exploring the world of Digital DJ’ing. I have been focusing on downtempo genres such as Ambient, Chillout, Lounge, Trip Hop, Acid Jazz, etc. Be sure to check out my monthly podcast for free full length downloads at
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