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“That’s it baby. Take my cock. Good job,” Mike cooed. Bobby felt a burning sensation as Mike slid into him big booty tube . He was taken by another man. Whether or not he was gay he didn’t care. He just wanted Mike to be filled with pleasure. Mike felt his pelvis go flush against Bobby’s ass. He slid his arms under Bobby and grabbed his chest as if Bobby had tits. Mike slowly withdraw slightly as Bobby groaned under him. Mike started to gently pinch and massage Bobby’s nipples. Then he slid in a little further this time. His cock was so warm being inside this delicious ass. Mike slid out further and then pushed back in, feeling Bobby’s ass push against him. He was in heaven as Bobby moaned. Mike slowly started to fuck his new slut . The satisfying thuds of Bobby’s ass hitting against every thrust was intoxicating. As Mike humped away, Bobby lay under him, enjoying the sensation of his ass being used like his ex-girlfriend’s pussy. He was liking being a slut. He was enjoying his time being fucked by another man. Bobby gripped as his lustful moans filled the bedroom. Again and again, Mike was now really pounding away. Bobby’s ass had loosened up a bit but still so tight.
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