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My name is Mike Ogletree aka Mykeo. I am the child of a Black American United States Airman and a bonny lass from the west coast of Scotland. I was born and raised in Scotland, moved to Italy in 1984 where I lived for 8 years then to Los Angeles in 1993 for 13 years and am currently residing in Brooklyn New York. My love and my life is and has been music. I performed as drummer with modestly famous to quite famous Scottish bands from the 80’s, Simple Minds and Fiction Factory to name two. Here in New York I am working on a project called blaxcot where I have perfected my own technique of blending two art forms and musical technologies: 1) Electronica and 2) the more traditional techniques of composition and arrangement to create a fresh new sound for already recorded songs as well as those of my own creation. Not a new method of making music my Remix Arrangements dig into less explored regions of creating contemporary expressions for older recordings in a wide variety of fields. My materia prima runs the gamut of the emotion and passion of fifties Blues to Folk, to Jazz and the spirit and life of current World Music and anything else that moves me. One of these is a song by the beautiful Black American singer Etta James called Lovin’ Arms. I listened to this song and immediately fell in love with it and wanted to do a remix arrangement of it. The original is a down tempo slow blues/soul ballad with strings and band, a composition and performance typical of the era. Only, Ms James vocal is fresh and vibrant and obviously the inspiration for the Christina Aguileras and India Aries whom she and others of her ilk from that epoch have so powerfully influenced. Typical of my technique, I have done an arrangement and mix introducing synths and samples to give the piece an upbeat syncopated two and four soul feel. Another of my favorites is the Joni Mitchel song from the 70’s For the Roses. An acoustic number that started out just voice and guitar and now has a full rock band accompaniment.
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